Session 10. Early career competition ‘Innovative approaches to pig and poultry production’, supported by Wageningen Academic Publishers

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Precision feeding of lactating sows: evaluation of a decision support system in farm conditions
Gauthier,C. Largouët, D. Bussières, J.P. Martineau and J.Y. Dourmad

Growth performance and gut health of low and normal birth weight piglets fed different zinc sources
Negrini,D. Luise, F. Correa, L. Amatucci, S. Virdis, A. Romeo, N. Manzke, P. Bosi and P. Trevisi

Effect of maternal diet on slow and fast growing piglet faecal microbiota and volatile fatty acids
Palumbo,G. Bee, P. Trevisi, F. Correa, S. Dubois and M. Girard

Effect of dietary Ulva lactuca inclusion on weaned piglet small intestinal morphology and proteome
D.M. Ribeiro, D.F.P. Carvalho, C. Leclercq, M. Pinho, J. Renaut, J.A.M. Prates, J.P.B. Freire and A.M. Almeida

Effect of dietary carob pulp inclusion and high vitamin E on pigs carcass characteristics
D.N. Bottegal, L. Bernaus, B. Casado, I. Argemí-Armengol, S. Lobón, M.A. Latorre and J. Álvarez Rodríguez

Dietary yeast mannan-rich fraction as a gut health solution for sustainable broiler production
S.A. Salami, C.A. Moran and J. Taylor-Pickard

Jejunal and ileal nutrient uptake and epithelium integrity in pigs differing in protein efficiency
Tretola,P. Silacci, E.O. Ewaoluwagbemiga, G. Bee and C. Kasper

Effects of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens CECT 5940 or Bacillus subtilis DSM 32315 on chicken PBMCs
Larsberg,M. Sprechert, D. Hesse, G. Loh, G.A. Brockmann and S. Kreuzer-Redmer

Improving welfare of pigs through selection for resilience
A.T. Kavlak and P. Uimari

Single-step genomic prediction of sperm quality traits in Pietrain pigs
Bauer,C. Pfeiffer and J. Soelkner

From genotyping strategies to phenotype suitability – simulation of pig breeding schemes in MoBPS
Pook,L. Büttgen, L. Hanekamp, C. Reimer, H. Simianer, H. Henne and R. Sharifi

An open source pose estimation model for fattening pigs during weighing
Winters,W. Gorssen, R. Meyermans, S. Janssens, R. D’Hooge and N. Buys

Poster Presentation
Nilssonand S. Vigors


Capsule for sampling (CapSa): a less invasive tool to sample small-intestinal content in pigs
GarcíaViñado, M. Tretola, G. Bee and C. Ollagnier

Influence of body lesion score on oxidative status and gut microbiota of weaned pigs
Correa,D. Luise, G. Palladino, P. Bosi, D. Scicchitano, P. Brigidi, P.L. Martelli, G. Babbi, S. Turroni, M. Candela, S. Rampelli and T. Paolo

Effects of a diet containing a mixture of Chlorella and Spirulina on broiler performance
Paiva,R. Reis, D. Carvalho, A.M. Almeida and M. Lordelo

B-COS – key to resilient animals, plants and people