Session 10. Young train session – Dairy innovative research and extension

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Date: 31 August 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: P. Aad/A. Kuipers

Theatre Session 10

Comparing cows – including dry period and lactation length in a yield measure
A. Kok, C.E. Van Middelaar, A.T.M. Van Knegsel, H. Hogeveen, B. Kemp and I.J.M. De Boer

Genetic association between functional longevity and health traits in Austrian Fleckvieh cattle
C. Pfeiffer, C. Fuerst and B. Fuerst-Waltl

Environmental and economic consequences of subclinical ketosis and related diseases in dairy farming
P.F. Mostert, E.A.M. Bokkers, C.E. Van Middelaar and I.J.M. De Boer

Assessment of the mammary gland elasticity in dairy cows by using a single day once-daily milking
C. Charton, H. Larroque, C. Robert-Granie, D. Pomies, H. Croiseau-Leclerc, N. Friggens and J. Guinard-Flament

Environmental impact of Italian dairy industry: case of Asiago PDO cheese
A. Dalla Riva, J. Burek, D. Kim, G. Thoma, M. Cassandro and M. De Marchi

A new threat for modern dairy farming: dirty data
K. Hermans, G. Opsomer, M. Van Eetvelde, J. De Koster, H. Bogaert, S. Moerman, E. Depreester, B. Van Ranst, J. Van De Pitte and M. Hostens

Effect of grass silage maturity and level of intake on in vitro methane and gas production
F.M. Macome, W.H. Hendriks, J. Dijkstra, D. Warner, W.F. Pellikaan, J.W. Cone and J.T. Schonewille


Bacterially induced cheese blowing defects with particular attention to butyric acid clostridia
J. Brandle, K.J. Domig and W. Kneifel

Organic dairy production without concentrates: effects on milk yield, animal health and economics
P. Ertl, A. Steinwidder and W. Knaus

A dynamic mechanistic whole animal simulation model: methane predictions
V. Ambriz-Vilchis, R.H. Fawcett, J.A. Rooke and N.S. Jessop

Portuguese dairy farmers’ views on animal welfare
S. Silva, M. Magalhaes-Sant’ana, J. Borlido-Santos and A. Olsson

Housing for animal welfare in cattle
L. Leso, M. Uberti, W. Morshed and M. Barbari

Milk mineral variation of Italian dairy cattle breeds predicted by mid-infrared spectroscopy
G. Visentin, P. Gottardo, C. Plitzner and M. Penasa

Poster Session 10

Prediction of proteins including free amino acids in bovine milk by mid-infrared spectroscopy
A. Mcdermott, G. Visentin, M. De Marchi, D. Berry, M.A. Fenelon, P.M. O’connor and S. Mcparland

Potential of visible-near infrared spectroscopy for the characterization of butter properties
T. Troch, V. Baeten, F. Dehareng, P. Dardenne, F.G. Colinet, N. Gengler and M. Sindic

Grass silages, differing in maturity and nitrogen fertilisation, on in vitro gas and methane
F.M. Macome, W.H. Hendriks, J. Dijkstra, D. Warner, W.F. Pellikaan, J.W. Cone and J.T. Schonewille

Factors affecting coagulation properties in Sarda sheep milk
M.G. Manca, J. Serdino, A. Puledda, G. Gaspa, P. Urgeghe, G. Battacone, I. Ibba and N.P.P. Macciotta

Effects of crude glycerin supplementation on intake of primiparous grazing cows
M.C.A. Santana, H.A. Santana Junior, M.P. Figueiredo, E.O. Cardoso, F.B.E. Mendes, A.P. Oliveira and E.S. Cardoso

Identification of technological areas for dual purpose cattle in Mexico and Ecuador
J. Rangel, Y. Torres, C. De Pablos-Heredero, J.A. Espinoza, J. Rivas and A. Garcia

Technology inventory of dual-purpose cattle farms in the Mexican and Ecuatorian tropics
Y. Torres, J. Rangel, C. De Pablos-Heredero, J. Rivas, E. Angon and A. Garcia

Using of myrrh essential oil as a highly effective antimicrobial agent in processed cheese
A.G. Mohamed and T.A. Morsy