Session 10B. Breeding and conservation of dog breeds

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Date: 27 August 2012; 16:15 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Strandberg

Theatre Session

Prioritising health in pedigree dog breeding
Lewis, T.W.

Progressive retinal atrophy in dogs, its causal mutations in several dog breeds in Czech Republic
Hrdlicova, A., Majzlik, I., Hofmanova, B. and Vostry, L.

Management of inbreeding rates and relatedness in pedigreed dogs in the Netherlands
Windig, J.J. and Oldenbroek, J.K.

Conservation of genetic diversity within dog breeds: what solutions in practice?
Leroy, G. and Rognon, X.

The domestic livestock resources of Turkey: breed descriptions and status of guard and hunting dogs
Yilmaz, O., Ertugrul, M. and Wilson, R.T.

Genetic differentiation among three populations of Iranian guardian dogs
Asgarijafarabadi, G. and Allahyarkhankhorasani, D.


Poster Session 

Analysis of the origin of sires and dams used in Polish breeding of Hovawart dogs
Głażewska, I.

Breeding successes and defeats: gene flow in dam lines of Polish Hounds and Hovawarts
Głażewska, I. and Prusak, B.