Session 11. Breeding and management for meat and product quality

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Date: 27 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Klopcic and Polak

Theatre Session 11

Product quality from a nutritional and sustainability perspective
Den Hartog, L.A. and Sijtsma, R.

How do consumers perceive sensorial quality of beef?
Martín-Collado, D., González, M. and Díaz, C.

Eating quality of bull calves fed only grass or herbs match that of concentrate-fed veal calves
Therkildsen, M., Jensen, S.K. and Vestergaard, M.

Effect of breed and diet on beef cattle fatty acid profile and SCD mRNA expression
Costa, A.S.H., Bessa, R.J.B., Alfaia, C.P.M., Pires, V.M.R., Fontes, C.M.G.A. and Prates, J.A.M.

Effect of linseed diet on intramuscular fatty acid profile of bulls slaughtered at different ages
Karolyi, D., Radovčić, A., Salajpal, K., Kljak, K., Čatipović, H., Jakopović, T. and Jurić, I.

Productive and carcass traits of Alentejana and Barrosã bulls fed high or low silage diets
Costa, A.S.H., Costa, P., Bessa, R.J.B., Lemos, J.P.C., Simões, J.A., Santos-Silva, J., Fontes, C.M.G.A. and Prates, J.A.M.

Carcass and colostrum quality of Angus cattle with different myostatin genotypes
Eder, J., Wassmuth, R., Von Borell, E. and Swalve, H.H.

Short-term supplementation with rice bran in pre-partum primiparous grazing beef cows
Quintans, G., Scarsi, A. and Banchero, G.

The relationship between pork quality traits and fatty acids composition
Jukna, V., Meškinytė-Kaušilienė, E. and Klementavičiūtė, J.

Estimation of Myostatin gene effect on production traits and fatty acid contents in bovine milk
Vanrobays, M., Bastin, C., Colinet, F.G., Vandenplas, J., Troch, T., Soyeurt, H. and Gengler, N.

Effects of clove and cinnamon essential oils on milk yield and milk composition of dairy goats
Rofiq, M.N. and Görgülü, M.


Poster Session 

Slaughter value of Limousine breed calves slaughtered at different ages and different body weights
Litwinczuk, Z., Stanek, P., Jankowski, P., Domaradzki, P. and Florek, M.

Self performance test results of British candidate beef bulls
Cseh, G., Hollo, I. and Marton, J.

Fatty acid profile of various adipose tissue depots in bulls of different breeds
Bures, D., Barton, L. and Rehak, D.

Effect of markers in FABP4, LEP and RORC genes on taste in Spanish South-western beef cattle
Aviles, C., Peña, F., Barahona, M., Campo, M.M., Sañudo, C. and Molina, A.

Association of CAPN1 and CAST markers with technological and sensory traits in Spanish beef cattle
Aviles, C., Peña, F., Barahona, M., Campo, M.M., Sañudo, C. and Molina, A.

Polymorphisms of single nucleotide (SNP) in genes related to fighting bull breed meat quality
Pelayo, R., Azor, P.J., Avilés, C., Molina, A. and Valera, M.

Non-additive effects on weight traits in South African beef breeds
Theunissen, A., Neser, F.W.C. and Scholtz, M.M.

Effects of different lairage times after 30 h transportation on meat quality in Simmental bulls
Teke, B., Akdag, F., Ekiz, B. and Ugurlu, M.

Transport shrink and mortality rate of beef cattle during long commercial transportations
Teke, B.

Biochemical parameters of goat meat raised on conventional and organic farms in Latvia
Birģele, E., Keidāne, D. and Ilgaža, A.