Session 11. Industry session: Precision Livestock Farming; making sense of sensors to support farm management – part 3

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Date: 25 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: I. Halachmi/M. Guarino/H. Spoolder

Theatre Session 11

14.00 Facilitation of assessment of technical measures in implementing the Broiler Directive (2007/43/EC)
A. Butterworth, G. Richards and E. Vranken

14.15 Monitoring the hatching time of individual chicks and its effect on chick quality
Q. Tong, T. Demmers, C.E.B. Romanini, V. Exadaktylos, H. Bergoug, N. Roulston, D. Berckmans, M. Guinebretière, N. Eterradossi, R. Verhelst and I.M. McGonnell

14.30 The use of vocalisation sounds to assess responses of broiler chicken to environmental variables
I. Fontana, E. Tullo and A. Butterworth

14.45 Three clinical field trials with the pig cough monitor: an overview
M. Hemeryck, G. Finger, M. Genzow and D. Berckmans

15.00 Detecting health problems of individual pigs based on their drinking behaviour
I. Adriaens, J. Maselyne, T. Huybrechts, B. De Ketelaere, S. Millet, J. Vangeyte, A. Van Nuffel and W. Saeys

15.15 Continuous surveillance of pigs in a pen using learned based segmentation in computer vision
M. Nilsson, A.H. Herlin, K. Åström, H. Ardö and C. Bergsten

15.30 Panel discussion: PLF for automatic detection of animal health – poultry and pigs
M. Guarino


16.15 Real-time analyses of BHB in milk can monitor ketosis and its impact on reproduction in dairy cows
J.Y. Blom and C. Ridder

16.30 Potential for assessing the pregnancy status of dairy cows by mid-infrared analysis of milk
A. Lainé, H. Bel Mabrouk, L.-M. Dale, C. Bastin and N. Gengler

16.45 Progesterone profiles to evaluate simultaneous use of multiple oestrus detection technologies
C. Kamphuis, K. Huijps and H. Hogeveen

17.00 Panel discussion: PLF in milk quality and milk contents
H. Spoolder