Session 11. Limits to productive performance and welfare in livestock: physiological evidence and sensing strategies

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Fundamentals, difficulties and pitfalls on the development of precision nutrition techniques
Pomarand A. Remus

Contact voltages <0.5V in feeders and drinkers affects inflammatory and oxidative status of piglets
Nicolazo,E. Merlot, G. Boulbria, C. Clouard, A. Lebret, R. Comte, C. Chevance, J. Jeusselin, V. Normand and C. Teixeira-Costa

The ECO-PIG project: use of a new high fibre feed for outdoor finishing of intact male local pigs
J.M. Martins, R. Charneca, R. Varino, A. Albuquerque, A. Freitas, J. Neves, F. Costa, C. Marmelo, A. Ramos and L. Martin

Effect of a methionine supplementation on the response of goats infected by H. contortus
Montout,H. Archimède, N. Minatchy, D. Feuillet, Y. Félicité and J.-C. Bambou

Effect of melatonin in pregnant ewes on productive and immunological parameters of their offspring
Canto,S. Luis and J.A. Abecia

Rumen fill limits fractional absorption rate of volatile fatty acids
Dieho,P. Piantoni, G. Schroeder and J. Dijkstra

Combined approaches to reduce stress and improve welfare and production efficiency in beef cattle
Cohen-Zinder,Y. Ben-Meir, R. Agmon, F. Gracia, E. Shor-Shimoni, S. Kaakoosh, Y. Salzer and A. Shabtay

Effect of feed particle size on rumen fluid dynamics in dairy cows
Dieho,P. Piantoni, G. Schroeder, D. Braamhaar, A.T.M. Van Knegsel and J. Dijkstra

Hypocalcaemia prevention programs in commercial dairy herds: from experimental results to practice
Aubineau,R. Guatteo and A. Boudon

Variability of lactose in milk and in blood during the first 36 weeks of lactation of dairy cows
Gaillard,M. Boutinaud, J. Sehested and J. Guinard-Flament

Locomotor activity of lambs reared by their mothers or artificially reared, measured by actigraphy
J.A. Abecia, C. Canudo and F. Canto


Litter size and reproductive response to hormonal induction in spring-lambing ewes
Pérez-Clariget,J. Bottino, F. Corrales and R. Ungerfeld

Welfare evaluation in buffalo species by risk assessment methodology: the Classyfarm system
Vecchio,G. Cappelli, G. Di Vuolo, E. De Carlo, F. Fusi, V. Lorenzi, G. De Rosa, F. Napolitano and L. Bertocchi

Relationship between selection for yearling weight and mature size in Nellore females
J.N.S.G. Cyrillo, J.V. Portes, L. El Faro, S.F.M. Bonilha, C.H.F. Zago, R.C. Canesin, L.T. Dias and M.E.Z. Mercadante

Reproductive traits in Portuguese Minhota beef cattle
P.M. Araújo, J.L. Cerqueira, A. Kowalczyk, M. Camiña, J. Sobreiro and J.P. Araújo

Young cattle fattening with grass fodder and by-products from agri-food industry
Sepchatand P. Dimon

Effect of melatonin implants in pregnant dairy ewes on milk yield and composition
Cantoand J.A. Abecia

Benchmarking of claw health and lameness in Austrian dairy cattle
Egger-Danner,M. Suntinger, M. Mayerhofer, K. Linke, L. Maurer, A. Fiedler, A. Hund, J. Duda and J. Kofler

Interplay between IFN gamma and prokineticin 1 to regulate genes in porcine uterus
S.E. Song and J. Kim
Haemonchus contortus replacement in a sheep flock as an approach to control anthelmintic resistance
A.C.S. Chagas, A.P. Minho, L.A. Anholeto, R.T.I. Kapritchkoff, L.A.L. Santos and S.N. Esteves

The impact of using internal teat seal or antibiotic at dry-off on SCC in the following lactation
Clabby,S. McParland, P. Dillon, S. Arkins and P. Silva Boloña

Phytoparasiticides in livestock animals – the ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology approach
CarvalhoDa Silva, N. Farinha, O. Póvoa and L. Meisel

Detection of chemical residues of acaricide in Wagyu breed oocyte donor cows
V.E.G. Silva, M.A. Andreazzi, F.L.B. Cavalieri, J.E. Gonçalves, J.E.G. Santos, I.P. Emanuelli, D.A.B. Moreski, G.G. Fanhani and L.P. Mardigan

Induction of twin gestation in beef cows
K.C. Bazzo, M.A. Andreazzi, F.L.B. Cavalieri, A.I. Toma, K.S. Silva, I.P. Emanuelli and A.H.B. Colombo