Session 11. Physiological limits of performance due to disproportionate tissue growth

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: K. Huber


Theatre Session 11

Disproportionate growth in farm animals – prerequisite for a disturbed health
invited K. Huber

Evidence for developmental programming in dairy cattle
invited G. Opsomer, M. Van Eetvelde and M.M. Kamal

Delayed development in Large White Purebreds than Crossbreds with Meishan born in the Same Litter
invited L. Canario, M.C. Père, H. Quesnel, Y. Billon, W. Hébrard, J. Riquet, P. Mormède and L. Liaubet


Impact of dietary L-arginine supply during early gestation on myofiber development in newborn pigs
J.G. Madsen and G. Bee

Microstructure and function of the thyroid gland may relate to feed efficiency in the bovine
invited J. Ormon, S. Bourgon, J. Munro, A. Macdonald, S. Lam, S. Miller and Y. Montanholi

Impact of pre-weaning nutritional regimes on mammary gland development in heifer calves
invited S. McCoard, T. Silvestre, A. Molenaar, P. Muir, J. Koolaard, V. Burggraaf, N. Wards and D. Pacheco


Posters Session

Effect of intra uterine position on corporal composition of rabbit fetuses
R. Belabbas, M.L. García, H. Ainbaziz, A. Berbar, G.H. Zitouni, N. Benali, M. Lafri, Z. Boumahdi and M.J. Argente

Growth, carcass and feed efficiency traits of lambs born to ewes restricted during mid gestation
L. Piaggio, G. Ferreira, M.J. Marichal, R. San Julián, F. Baldi and G. Banchero

Effect of nutritional restriction in late gestation on beef female calves live weight and placentas
C. Batista, J.I. Velazco, G. Banchero, F. Baldi and G. Quintans

Genetic parameters for growth and carcass traits of Pekin ducks
M. Waehner, H. Pingel, R. Fischer and R. Wehlitz

Influence of diet on carcass characteristics of broiler chicken 184
R. Dominguez, J. Méndez, D. Franco, M.V. Sarriés, P. Cachaldora and J.M. Lorenzo

Response of bovine jejunal transcriptome to dietary restriction and subsequent compensatory growth
K. Keogh, S.M. Waters, P. Cormican, A.K. Kelly and D.A. Kenny

Effect of plane of nutrition on age at puberty and blood metabolites in Holstein Friesian bulls
C. Byrne, A.M. English, S. Fair, P. Lonergan and D.A. Kenny

Dietary’s effect of protein levels on digestive organs and small intestine histologic of rabbits
N. Benali, H. Ainbaziz, Y. Dahmani, H. Tighiouart, R. Kaddour, A. Zouambi, R. Bellabes, M. Cherrane and S. Temim

Testicular development and the attainment of puberty in Icelandic male horses
O.R. Dyrmundsson, G.G. Gunnarsson and I. Sveinsson