Session 12. Beef production: environmental and economic aspects and impact

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Date: 26 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Hocquette

Theatre Session 12

14.00 Prediction of polyunsaturated fatty acid content in bovine muscle
B.P. Mourot, D. Gruffat, D. Durand, G. Chesneau, G. Mairesse and A. Lebert

14.15 Comparing environmental impacts of diverse beef production systems
Invited I.J.M. De Boer

14.45 Sustainability index for beef production in Denmark and Sweden
A. Munk, E. Søndergaard, T. Kristensen, L. Mogensen, N.I. Nielsen, M. Trinderup, R.S. Pedersen and H.B. Bligaard

15.00 Environmental impacts of different beef production systems
M. Alig, F. Grandl and T. Nemecek

15.15 Carbon footprint of typical beef production systems in Denmark and Sweden
L. Mogensen, T. Kristensen, N.I. Nielsen, M. Henriksson, C. Svensson, M. Vestergaard, P. Spleth and A. Hessle

15.30 Variability among individual young beef bulls and heifers in methane emissions
G. Renand, E. Ricard, D. Maupetit and J.-C. Thouly

16.15 Economic benefits of adopting Meat Standards Australia to the Beef Industry
Invited D.W. Pethick, P. Mc Gilchrist, J.F. Hocquette and J.M. Thompson

16.45 The EUROP carcase grading system does not predict the eating quality of beef
S.P.F. Bonny, I. Legrand, R.J. Polkinghorne, G.E. Gardner, D.W. Pethick and J.F. Hocquette

17.00 Beef production in France: economic and environmental performances of suckler-cattle farms
Invited P. Veysset

17.30 Limousin beef farms trajectories from 2000 to 2010: structural, technical and economic assessment
E. Sanne, S. Enée, R. Faron, D. Guichette-Debord, L. Aymard, S. Brisson, M. Besson and S. Brouard


Poster Session  12

Characterization of intensive beef production system of North East Italy
G. Cesaro, E. Sturaro, M. De Marchi, G. Bittante and L. Gallo

Nitrogen excretion in fattening beef in conventional vs. extensive and sustainable farm systems
D. Biagini and C. Lazzaroni

Various dietary fat supplements modified simultaneously milk and beef lipids in lactating cows
J. Angulo, M. Olivera, G. Nuernberg, D. Dannenberger and K. Nuernberg

N2O emission by urine and feces of beef cattle in grasslands of Marandu grass during the winter
A. Cardoso, P. Pires, G. Madalena, M. Eliane, E. Janusckiewicz, R. Reis and A. Ruggieri

In vivo performances and slaughtering traits of Holstein young bulls fed with sunflower cake
F. Vincenti and M. Iacurto

Relationships of Infrared thermography data with environmental conditions in beef cattle
L.S. Martello, S.L. Silva, M.R. Mazon and P.R. Leme

A study on the determination of marketing margins in the Turkey beef market
Y. Aral, M.B. Cevrimli, C.Y. Kaya Kuyululu, M.S. Arikan, A.C. Akin, E. Aydin and D. Ozen

Factors affecting beef consumption and consumer preferences in Turkey: a case of Ankara province
Y. Aral, P. Demir, E. Aydin, A.C. Akin, E. Sakarya, E. Cavusoglu and M. Polat

CH4 oxidation in grazed Marandu grass during the dry season in Central Brazil oxissoils
A.S. Cardoso, B. Quintana, G. Madalena, E.R. Janusckiewicz, E.S. Morgado, L.F. Brito, T.T. Berchielli and A.C. Ruggieri