Session 12. Closing the phenomic gap: methods, data collection and experiments to select for new traits

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Date: 27 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Veerkamp

Theatre Session

Genomic selection for new traits: optimal prediction and reference population design
Calus, M.P.L., De Haas, Y., Pszczola, M. and Veerkamp, R.F.

Genotyping of cows for genomic EBVs for direct health traits: genetic and economic aspects
Egger-Danner, C., Schwarzenbacher, H. and Willam, A.

Reference population designs affects reliability of selection for (un)genotyped animals
Pszczola, M., Strabel, T., Van Arendonk, J.A.M. and Calus, M.P.L.

Selection for beef meat quality using ultrasound or genomic information
Pimentel, E.C.G. and Koenig, S.

Heritability estimates for methane emission in Holstein cows using breath measurements
Lassen, J., Madsen, J. and Løvendahl, P.

Methane emissions as a new trait in genetic improvement programmes of beef cattle
Roehe, R., Rooke, J., Duthie, C.-A., Ricci, P., Ross, D., Hyslop, J. and Waterhouse, A.

Challenges for closing the phenomic gap in farm animals
Hocquette, J.F., De La Torre, A., Meunier, B., Le Bail, P.Y., Chavatte-Palmer, P., Le Roy, P. and Mormède, P.

Should one aim for genetic improvement of host resistance or tolerance to infectious disease?
Doeschl-Wilson, A., Villanueva, B. and Kyriazakis, I.

A genetic epidemiological function for estimating genetic variance in infectivity and susceptibility
Lipschutz-Powell, D., Woolliams, J.A., Bijma, P. and Doeschl-Wilson, A.B.

Metabolites as new molecular traits and their role for genetic evalution of traditional milk traits
Melzer, N., Wittenburg, D. and Repsilber, D.

Performance testing for boar taint: a pivotal step towards ending surgical castration of pigs
Baes, C., Luther, H., Mattei, S., Ampuero, S., Sidler, X., Bee, G., Spring, P., Weingartner, U. and Hofer, A.

Differences in variance components of gilts’ aggression in genetically highly connected populations?
Appel, A.K., Voß, B., Tönepöhl, B., König V. Borstel, U. and Gauly, M.


Poster Session 

Variance component and breeding value estimation for environmental sensitivity in dairy cattle
Rönnegård, L., Felleki, M., Fikse, W.F., Mulder, H.A. and Strandberg, E.

Genomic prediction for new traits combining cow and bull reference populations
Calus, M.P.L., De Haas, Y. and Veerkamp, R.F.

Implementing a genetic evaluation for milk fat composition in the Walloon Region of Belgium
Gengler, N., Troch, T., Bastin, C., Vanderick, S., Vandenplas, J. and Soyeurt, H.

Genetic evaluation of mastitis liability and recovery using transition probabilities
Franzén, J., Thorburn, D., Urioste, J.I. and Strandberg, E.

Multivariate genomic prediction improves breeding value accuracy for scarcely recorded traits
Pszczola, M., Veerkamp, R., De Haas, Y., Strabel, T. and Calus, M.P.L.

Genetics and genomics of energy balance measured in milk using mid-infrared spectroscopy
Mcparland, S., Calus, M.P.L., Coffey, M.P., Wall, E., Soyeurt, H., Bastin, C., Veerkamp, R.F., Banos, G., Lewis, E., Bovenhuis, H. and Berry, D.P.

Genome-wide association study for milk fatty acid composition using cow versus bull data
Bastin, C., Gengler, N., Soyeurt, H., Mcparland, S., Wall, E. and Calus, M.P.L.

On-farm measuring of milk progesterone content as a basis for defining new fertility traits
Martin, G., Rosner, F., Schafberg, R. and Swalve, H.H.

Genetic network of bovine reproductive traits as revealed by QTLs reported in literature
Utsunomiya, Y.T., Perez O’brien, A.M., Do Carmo, A.S., Zavarez, L.B., Sölkner, J. and Garcia, J.F.

Iron metabolism phenotype: the example of SLC11A1 genotype in Italian Friesian calves
Abeni, F., Petrera, F., Dal Prà, A., De Matteis, G., Scatà, M.C., Signorelli, F. and Miarelli, M.

Milk metabolites and their genetic variability
Wittenburg, D., Melzer, N., Reinsch, N. and Repsilber, D.

Automated milk-recording systems: an experience in Italian dairy cattle farms
Biscarini, F., Nicolazzi, E.L., Stella, A. and Team, P.R.O.Z.O.O.

PEMD delivers increased carcase lean and redistribution of lean to the saddle region in lambs
Anderson, F., Williams, A., Pannier, L., Pethick, D.W. and Gardner, G.

Estimating hot carcass weight by body measurements for Karayaka lambs
Onder, H. and Olfaz, M.