Session 12. Cow and large population genotyping for genomic selection, management and marketing in cattle (in cooperation with INTERBULL)

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: S. Mattalia / H. Benhajali

Theatre Session 12

Meta-analysis of genome wide association studies to estimate SNP effects and breeding values
M.E. Goddard

Possible implications of limited dimensionality of genomic information
I. Misztal, I. Pocrnic and D.A.L. Lourenco

Implementing genomic prediction models in generic evaluation of large populations
J. Ten Napel, G.C.B. Schopen, J. Vandenplas, A.R. Cromie, E.M. Van Grevenhof and R.F. Veerkamp

Ideas for continuous genomic evaluation for newly genotyped Walloon Holstein females and males
S. Naderi, R.R. Mota, S. Vanderick and N. Gengler

World survey of dairy cattle; breeding, genotyping and subpopulations
D. Matthews, B.W. Wickham, J.F. Kearney and P.R. Amer

Effects of different groups of cows in the reference population on genomic breeding values
L. Plieschke, C. Edel, E.C.G. Pimentel, R. Emmerling and K.-U. Götz

Genotyping and phenotyping of new health traits in Spanish dairy cattle herds: I-SA project
N. Charfeddine, J. Blanco and M.A. Peréz-Cabal

Feed intake breeding value estimation in German HF cows using single-step genomic evaluation
I. Harder, E. Stamer, N. Krattenmacher, W. Junge and G. Thaller

Exploiting genome data from bovine hospital cases to improve animal welfare on cattle farms
O. Distl, S. Reinartz, M. Braun, K. Doll, S. Lehner, A. Beineke and J. Rehage

Characterization of copy number variants in a large multi-breed population of cattle using SNP data
P. Rafter, D.P. Berry, A.C. Parnell, C. Gormley, F. Kearney, M.P. Coffey, T.R. Carthy and D. Purfield

The impact of genomic selection on genetic diversity and genetic gain in French dairy cattle breeds
A.-C. Doublet, P. Croiseau, S. Fritz, C. Hozé, A. Michenet, D. Laloë and G. Restoux

Effect of mating strategies on genetic and economic outcomes in a Montbéliarde dairy herd
M. Berodier, M. Brochard, C. Dezetter, N. Bareille and V. Ducrocq

Poster Session 12

Genomic selection in Pinzgauer cattle
H. Schwarzenbacher and C. Fuerst

Assessing genetic architecture and signatures of selection of dual purpose Gir cattle populations us
J.A.I.I.V. Silva, A.M. Maiorano, D.L. Loureça, A.M.T. Ospina, R.A.S. Faria, L.E.C.S. Correia, A. Vercesi Filho and M.E.Z. Mercadante

Characterization of Korean cattle breeds through a high-density SNP Chip
S.C. Kim, K.W. Kim, J.W. Lee, H.J. Roh, D.Y. Jeon, S.S. Lee and C.Y. Cho

Association of BoLA-DRB3 alleles with mastitis in Romanian cattle breeds
D.E. Ilie, D. Gavojdian, R.I. Neamt, F.C. Neciu and L.T. Cziszter

Rapid and reliable assays for inherited disease detection in Russian Holstein cattle population
E.E. Davydova, E.V. Krylova, O.O. Golovko, E.S. Riabova and I.V. Soltynskaya

Pyrosequencing technology for inherited disease detection in Russian cattle population
E.V. Krylova, I.V. Soltynskaya, B.U. Vetoshnikova, M.A. Pleskacheva and E.E. Davydova