Session 12. Social license to operate

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Introduction to the social licence to operate for animal production systems

Ethical dog breeding

Expectations of stakeholders regarding a German animal welfare monitoring: results of a survey
Treu,R. Magner, U. Schultheiß, A. Bergschmidt and J. Johns

The role of human-animal interaction in farm animal welfare

Citizens’ attitudes towards an animal welfare label
V.D.L.F. Mansky, D. Enriquez-Hidalgo, M.J. Hotzel and D.L. Teixeira

mEATquality: a project to promote sustainable pork and broiler meat production
H.A.M. Spoolder, B. Kemp and B. De Bruijn

European consumers’ evaluation of pork and broiler meat quality attributes
A.O. Peschel, K. Thomsen and K.G. Grunert

Assessment of animal welfare in Germany according to stakeholders
Over,R. Magner, C. Gröner, J. Johns, U. Schultheiss and A. Bergschmidt

The modalities of the retirement of equidae in France
Deneux- Le Barh


American consumers rate grass and grain-fed Australian lamb equally
M.T. Corlett, G.E. Gardner, L. Pannier, A.J. Garmyn, M.F. Miller and D.W. Pethick

Has the Covid-19 pandemic influenced citizens’ attitudes towards beef consumption?
Enriquez-Hidalgo,V.D.L.F. Mansky, M.J. Hötzel, D.L. Teixeira and R. Larraín