Session 12. The use of genetics and genomics to improve disease and welfare traits in cattle (with INTERBULL)

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Date: 29 August 2016; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: A.W.M. Roozen


Theatre Session 12

GénoSanté: Improve the productive health of dairy cows by genomic selection and management
H. Leclerc, A. Barbat, M. Philippe, S. Fritz, J.-B. Davière, L. Manciaux, F. Guillaume, T. De Bretagne and D. Boichard

Quantitative genetic analysis of the bTB diagnostic Single Intradermal Comparative Cervical Test
S. Tsairidou, S. Brotherstone, M.P. Coffey, S.C. Bishop and J.A. Woolliams

Host genetics of resistance to bovine tuberculosis infection in dairy cattle
S. Wilkinson, S.C. Bishop, A.R. Allen, S.H. McBride, R.A. Skuce, M. Bermingham, J.A. Woolliams and E.J. Glass

Genome-wide association identify regions underlying bovine tuberculosis resistance in dairy cattle
K. Raphaka, O. Matika, E. Sanchez-Molano, R. Mrode, M. Coffey, E.J. Glass, J.A. Woolliams, V. Riggio, S.C. Bishop and G. Banos

GWAS of resistance to paratuberculosis in French Holstein and Normande cattle
M.P. Sanchez, R. Guatteo, A. Davergne, C. Grohs, A. Capitan, P. Blanquefort, A. Delafosse, A. Joly, C. Fourichon and D. Boichard

Unravelling the contribution of host genetics to infectious disease outbreaks
A. Doeschl-Wilson, O. Anacleto, S. Tsairidou, G. Lough, R.D. Houston, J.A. Woolliams, H.A. Mulder, S. Cabaleiro, M. Saura and B. Villanueva

Estimating gene effects on host susceptibility and infectivity from individual disease status (0/1)
F. Biemans, P. Bijma and M.C.M. De Jong


Interest and limits of a bovine MD chip to study Bos taurus × Bos indicus crossbred animals in India
D. Cruz Hidalgo, M. Swaminathan, P.D. Deshpande, M. Boussaha, R. Saintilan, D. Laloe and V. Ducrocq

Detection of QTL for mastitis resistance and related functional traits in Bos taurus and Bos indicus
J. Jardim, G. Sahana, C. Quirino, M. Peixoto, G. Santos and M. Lund

Using whole genome sequences to identify QTL for udder health and morphology in French dairy cattle
T. Tribout, M. Barbat, A. Govignon-Gion, A. Launay, R. Lefebvre, A. Barbat, M. Boussaha, P. Croiseau, M.P. Sanchez and S. Fritz

Including cow genotypes improved the genetic predictions of claw disorders in Norwegian Red
C. Ødegård, M. Svendsen and B. Heringstad

A genome wide association study for Bovine Digital Dermatitis using M-stages
G. Kopke, R. Jungnickel, H. Dressel, B. Waurich, M. Wensch-Dorendorf, F. Rosner, H.H. Swalve and D. Döpfer

A benefits model for a maternally focused beef breeding program in Ireland incorporating genomics
F. Hely, P. Amer, C. Quinton, T. Byrne and A. Cromie

Genomic breeding values of carcass, female fertility and calf survival traits for UK Limousin cattle
K.L. Moore, A. Moran and M. Coffey


Posters Session

Underlying mutation(s) for a deformed cleft lip in a Holstein-Friesian sire family
M.M. Judge, B.W. Kirkpatrick, J.F. Kearney and D.P. Berry

The estimation of additive and dominance effects underlying lameness in Fleckvieh and Braunvieh cows
J. Szyda, T. Suchocki, M. Fraszczak, H. Schwarzenbacher and C. Egger-Danner

Genomic selection: the added value for the industry in the Netherlands
I.J.P. Vermeer, W.M. Stoop and G. De Jong