Session 13. Appetite control – mechanisms and comparative aspects

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Date: 25 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: J.L. Sartin

Theatre Session 13

14.00 Roles of amino acids in the regulation of food intake by animals
Invited G. Wu

14.15 Modulation of redox state in pigs differing in feed efficiency as revealed by a proteomic analysis
F. Gondret, S. Tacher and H. Gilbert

15.00 The control of feed intake by metabolic oxidation in dairy cows
Invited B. Kuhla, M. Derno, S. Börner, C. Schäff, E. Albrecht, M. Röntgen and H.M. Hammon


16.15 Influence of roughage intake on free fatty acid receptors mRNA abundance in bovine adipose tissues
P. Friedrichs, L. Locher, S. Dänicke, B. Kuhla, H. Sauerwein and M. Mielenz

16.30 Neuropeptides linking the control of appetite with reproductive function in domestic animals
Invited C.A. Lents

17.15 Associations of feed efficiency with fertility and sexual maturity in young beef bulls
A.B.P. Fontoura, Y.R. Montanholi, M.D. Amorim and S.P. Miller

17.30 The effect of the MC4R gene on feed intake and growth in growing finishing pigs
A. Van Den Broeke, M. Aluwé, F. Tuyttens, S. Janssens, A. Coussé, N. Buys and S. Millet

17.45 ω-3 fatty acids modulate expression of orexigenic peptides and leptin signaling in hypothalamus
N. Mohan, H. Ma, K. Chiang and J. Kang