Session 13. Livestock emissions and the COP26 targets

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At farm gate: feed systems, increased soil carbon sequestration and energy production
A.C. Dalcq

Breeding towards efficiency in Finnish dairy and beef cattle improves environmental performance
Hietala,E. Negussie, A. Astaptsev, A.M. Leino and M. Lidauer

GHG emissions mitigation in practice: a Dutch farmer with monogastrics & ruminants

Danone & its project that aims to support French dairy farmers in their Carbon footprint reduction

Panel discussion (afternoon session)
A.S. Santos, A. Granados and T. Boland

State of implementation of good practices in various EU projects

Time off feed affects enteric methane and rumen archaea
McLoughlin,S.F. Kirwan, P.E. Smith, F. McGovern, E. O’Conor and S.M. Waters

Alentejo’s beef farms economic and environmental performance through a regionally developed tool
M.P. Dos Santos, T.G. Morais, T. Domingos and R.F.M. Teixeira

Phytochemical and in vitro methane inhibition of plant extracts as influenced by extractive solvents
T.A. Ibrahim and A. Hassen

Considerations from modelling UK livestock farming: how farmers can reduce emissions
Kamilaris,X. Chen, R.M. Rees, T. Takahashi, T. Misselbrook, I. Kyriazakis, M.J. Young, S. Morrison and E. Magowan

Closing of the ATF-LFS one-day symposium
O’Maraand M. Lee