Session 13. Microbiability and heritability: how microbiome, nutrition, and genetics are related

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: P. Trevisi / E.F. Knol

Theatre Session 13

On host-microbiota interactions and livestock phenotypes: an overview of recent results in pigs
J. Estellé

Genetic approach of rumen metagenome: state of the art in small ruminant and perspectives
C. Marie-Etancelin, S.J. Rowe, A. Jonker and A. Meynadier

Effect of gut microbiota on production traits, interaction with genetics
H. Gilbert, S. Lagarrigue, L.M.G. Verschuren, O. Zemb, M. Velasco, J.L. Gourdine, R. Bergsma, D. Renaudeau, J.P. Sanchez and H. Garreau

Gut microbiome provides a new source of information to improve growth efficiency in swine
D. Lu, F. Tiezzi and C. Maltecca

Faecal microbiome profiles can predict complex traits in pigs
D. Schokker, L.M.G. Verschuren, R. Bergsma, F. Molist and M.P.L. Calus

Changes in rumen microbiome interaction explain the methane emissions differences in beef cattle
M.D. Auffret, M. Martinez-Alvaro, R.J. Dewhurst, C.-A. Duthie, J.A. Rooke, R.J. Wallace, T.C. Freeman, R. Stewart, M. Watson and R. Roehe

Subacute ruminal acidosis and the global profile of ruminal and faecal microbiota of dairy cows
J.L. Martinez, E. Sandri, Y. Couture, R. Gervais, J. Levesque, D. Roy and D.E. Rico

Can rumen microbes improve prediction of subclinical ketosis in dairy cows?
G.F. Difford, G. Gebreyesus, P. Løvendahl, A.J. Buitenhuis, J. Lassen, B. Guldbrandtsen and G. Sahana

Multivariate and network analysis identified microbial biomarkers linked to methane emission
Y. Ramayo-Caldas, A. Bernard, L. Zingareti, M. Popova, N. Mach, J. Estelle, E. Rebours, R. Muñoz-Tamayo, A. Rau, M. Mariadassou, M. Perez-Enciso, D. Morgavi and G. Renand

Genetic determinism of dairy sheep ruminal microbiota
C. Marie-Etancelin, B. Gabinaud, G. Pascal, R. Tomas, J.M. Menras, F. Enjalbert, C. Allain, H. Larroque, R. Rupp and A. Meynadier

Effect of in ovo microbiome stimulation on immune responses in different chicken breeds
A. Slawinska, A. Dunislawska, M. Siwek, A. Kowalczyk and E. Lukaszewicz

Poster Session 13

Effect of successive fibre diets on nutrient digestibility and faecal microbiota composition in pigs
M. Le Sciellour, E. Labussière, O. Zemb and D. Renaudeau

Resistant starch type 4 modulates key metabolic pathways in the caecal bacterial metagenome of pigs
B.U. Metzler-Zebeli, M.A. Newman and Q. Zebeli

On the influence of host genetics on gut microbiota composition in pigs
J. Estellé, N. Mach, Y. Ramayo-Caldas, F. Levenez, G. Lemonnier, C. Denis, M. Berri, M.J. Mercat, Y. Billon, J. Doré, C. Larzul, P. Lepage and C. Rogel-Gaillard

Rumen bacterial populations of dairy cows fed molasses or corn with varying rumen degradable protein
E. Gunal, M. Hall, G.I. Zanton, P.J. Weimer, G. Suen and K.A. Weigel

Effects of dietary medium chain fatty acids on production and gut microbiota of laying hens
J.E. Rico, J.L. Martinez, R. Gervais, J. Rhonholm and D.E. Rico

Microbiota as a tool to promote spontaneous liver steatosis in Greylag geese: promising results
C. Knudsen, M. Even, J. Arroyo, S. Combes, L. Cauquil, G. Pascal, X. Fernandez, F. Lavigne, S. Davail and K. Ricaud