Session 13A. Sow nutrition to cope with increased reproductive potential

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Date: 26 August 2013; 14:00 – 15:30 hours
Chairperson: Knol

Theatre Session 13a

14.00 Compensatory feeding of gestating gilts: effects on mammary gland development and lactation
C. Farmer, M.-F. Palin and Y. Martel-Kennes

14.15 Effects of high fiber intake in late gestating sows on colostrum production and piglet performance
F. Loisel, C. Farmer, P. Ramaekers and H. Quesnel

14.30 Effects of dextrose and L-arginine in sow diet on litter heterogeneity at birth
H. Quesnel, N. Quiniou, H. Roy, A. Lottin, S. Boulot and F. Gondret

14.45 Phenotypic and genetic applications for total nutritional efficiency in pigs
L.M.G. Verschuren, H.A. Mulder, R. Bergsma and E.F. Knol

15.00 Multifactorial approach needed to optimize technical and economical results on sow farms via feeding
P.J.L. Beckers, B. Humphrey, A. Thompson and A. Ascensao

15.15 Interactions among sow prolificacy, sow lifetime productivity and efficiency of pork production
Invited G.R. Foxcroft