Session 14. Customised nutrition taking into account the health status of farms and individual animals

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Date: 31 August 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Tsiplakou

Theatre Session 14

Preserving health status of farm animals: what is expected from feed and nutrition
Invited N. Le Floch

Effects of the diet form on health and performance of weaning or fattening pigs
E. Royer, D. Gaudre and N. Quiniou

Effect of different levels whole wheat on performance and health gut
A. Emarloo, R. Vakili and S. Zakizadeh

Effect of removal of antibiotics from the diet on welfare and health indicators of weaner pigs
A. Diana, E.G. Manzanilla, R. Vial, N. Leonard, K. O’driscoll and L. Boyle

Evaluation of dietary fish oil plus green tea on broiler gut microflora
A.R. Seidavi, J. Simoes and M.H. Alimohammadi Saraei


Effect of L-carnitine lysine and methionine on carcass and immune parameters of broiler chicks
M. Bouyeh and A. Haddadi Bahram

Effects of a sequential offer of hay and TMR on feeding and rumination behaviour of dairy cows
F. Leiber, J.K. Probst and A. Spengler Neff

Effects of L-carnitine and methionine-lysine on reproductive and blood parameters of native ducks
M. Bouyeh, M. Mirzai, A. Seidavi and A. Haddadi Bahram

Effects of kelp meal on health and productivity of mink challenged with the Aleutian disease virus
A.H. Farid, N.J. Smith and M.B. White

Zinc-methionine bioplex administration to pregnant and lactating sheep and selected wool parameters
K. Czyz, S. Kinal, A. Wyrostek, K. Roman, M. Janczak, R. Bodkowski and B. Patkowska-Sokola


Poster Session 14

Effects of dietary energy on growth performance of Korat chickens from 3 to 6 weeks of age
P. Maliwan, S. Khempaka and W. Molee