Session 14. Genetic control of adaptation

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Date: 26 August 2013; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bishop

Theatre Session 14

14.00 The genetic basis of breed diversification: signatures of selection in pig breeds
Invited S. Wilkinson, Z. Lu, H.J. Megens, A. Archibald, C. Haley, I. Jackson, M. Groenen, R. Crooijmans, R. Ogden and P. Wiener

14.30 Classical signatures of selective sweeps revealed by massive sequencing in cattle
S. Qanbari, H. Pausch, S. Jansen, S. Eck, A. Benet-Pagès, E. Graf, T. Wieland, T.M. Strom, T. Meitinger, R. Fries and H. Simianer

14.45 Using estimated allele frequency changes to map genomic regions under selection in farm animals
H. Simianer and E.C.G. Pimentel

15.00 Heritability of lamb survival on tick-exposed pastures
L. Grøva, I. Olesen and J. Ødegård

15.15 Effect of H. contortus infection on parasitological and local cellular responses of Creole kids
J.-C. Bambou

16.15 Robustness in pigs
Invited E.F. Knol

16.45 Heat tolerance and reproductive performance in two sow lines
S. Bloemhof, E.F. Knol, I. Misztal and E.H. Van der Waaij

17.00 Genetic parameters of thermoregulatory response in lactating sows
J.-L. Gourdine, D. Renaudeau, K. Benony, C. Anaïs and N. Mandonnet

17.15 Reaction norm for fat plus protein daily yield to evaluate genetic tolerance to heat stress in goats
A. Menéndez-Buxadera, H.M. Abo-Shady, A. Molina, M.J. Carabaño, M. Ramón and J.M. Serradilla

17.30 Genetic variation in macro- and micro-environmental sensitivity for milk yield in Swedish Holsteins
H.A. Mulder, L. Rönnegård, S. Wijga, W.F. Fikse, R.F. Veerkamp and E. Strandberg

17.45 How Corsican cattle breeders consider the adaptation of their breed: an exploratory approach
A. Lauvie, C. Rolland, C.H. Moulin and F. Casabianca


Poster Session  14

A preliminary investigation into GxE in first lactation South African Holstein cows
F.W.C. Neser, J.B. Van Wyk and V. Ducrocq

Genetic parameters of ability to tolerate once-daily milking in a Holstein × Normande population
H. Larroque, L. Heuveline, S. Barbay, Y. Gallard and J. Guinard-Flament

Phenotyping goats on their feeding behaviour
C. Duvaux-Ponter, S. Giger-Reverdin, J. Tessier, E. Ricard, J. Ruesche, I. David and L. Bodin