Session 14A. Lamb and kid perinatal survival and vigour

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Date: 27 August 2012; 14:00 – 15:45 hours
Chairperson: Conington

Theatre Session

Lamb mortality: current knowledge
Gautier, J.M. and Corbiere, F.

The effect of colostrum intake on lambs: plasma proteomic profile and immunoglobulin concentration
Hernández-Castellano, L.E., Almeida, A., Ventosa, M., Sánchez-Mácias, D., Moreno-Indias, I., Torres, A., Coelho, A., Castro, N. and Argüello, A.

The effect of low birth weight on brain DHA status and implications for pre-weaning mortality
Tanghe, S., Millet, S. and De Smet, S.

Effect of generation, parit    y and year on pig prolificacy in small closed population
Razmaitė, V.

Neonatal lamb behaviour contributes to improved postnatal survival
Dwyer, C.M., Nath, M. and Matheson, S.M.


Poster Session 

Lambs behaviour during suckling in the period of creep feeding
Margetinova, J., Apolen, D. and Broucek, J.