Session 14B. Free communications: sheep and goats

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Date: 27 August 2012; 16:15 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Conington

Theatre Session

Effectiveness of a deactivator on mitigating the impact of endophyte alkaloids in Merino ewes
Leury, B.J., Henry, M.L.E., Digiacomo, K., Ng, C., Kemp, S. and Dunshea, F.R.

Mediterranean shrub Pistacia lentiscus L. as a potential tool in the control of nematodes in sheep
Saric, T., Rogosic, J., Beck, R., Zupan, I., Zjalic, S., Musa, A. and Skobic, D.

Valeric and isovaleric acid concentrations: useful biomarkers for subacute ruminal acidosis?
Fanning, J., Cockcroft, P. and Hynd, P.

Preliminary assessment of sheep welfare on pasture
Mialon, M.M., Robin, C., Verney, A., Brule, A., Pottier, E., Davoine, J.M., Ribaud, D., Boivin, X. and Boissy, A.

Curved allometries reveal no constraint in horn length in Rasquera White Goat
Parés-Casanova, P.M. and Sabaté, J.

The sheep sector in greenhouse gas inventory in Hungary
Borka, G., Németh, T., Krausz, E. and Kukovics, S.


Poster Session 

Exploring skull shape and sexual dimorphism in a local goat breed
Parés-Casanova, P.M., Sabaté, J. and Soto, J.