Session 15. Innovative and practical management strategies to reduce N excretion from dairy farms (nitrogen utilization by ruminants symposium)

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Date: 27 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Van Vuuren

Theatre Session 

Constraints to efficient protein utilization in the dairy cow and on the dairy farm
Broderick, G.A.

The use of antibodies in order to alter bacterial population in the rumen
Foskolos, A., Cavini, S., Ferret, A. and Calsamiglia, S.

Protein level and forage digestibility interactions on dairy cow production
Alstrup, L. and Weisbjerg, M.R.

Feed intake and milk yield responses to reduced protein supply
Weisbjerg, M.R., Kristensen, N.B., Hvelplund, T., Lund, P. and Løvendahl, P.

Dietary energy source modifies the N utilization and the whole-body leucine kinetics in dairy cows
Cantalapiedra-Hijar, G., Savary-Auzeloux, I., Cossoul, C., Durand, D. and Ortigues-Marty, I.

Effect of a dietary escape microbial protein on production and fertility in Italian dairy cows
Agovino, M., Warren, H. and Segalini, D.

Milk protein responses to dietary manipulation of amino acids at two levels of protein supplies
Lemosquet, S., Haque, M.N., Rulquin, H., Delaby, L., Faverdin, P. and Peyraud, J.L.

Effect of a source of sustained-release non-protein nitrogen on beef cattle
Rossi, C., Compiani, R., Baldi, G., Vandoni, S. and Agovino, M.

Mammary metabolism to the supply of an ‘ideal’ amino acids profile for dairy cows
Haque, M.N., Rulquin, H., Guinard-Fament, J. and Lemosquet, S.

Effect of normal and high NaCl intake on PDV urea-N flux and renal urea-N kinetics in lactating cows
Røjen, B.A. and Kristensen, N.B.

Milk iso C17:0 indicates low dietary rumen degradable protein supply in a Cuban monitoring study
Fievez, V., Fuentes, E., Noval, E. and Lima, R.


Poster Session 

Effect of maize silage and Italian ryegrass silage on nitrogen efficiency of organic milk production
Baldinger, L., Zollitsch, W. and Knaus, W.

Effect of protein source on feedlot performance of early weaned beef calves
Beretta, V., Simeone, A., Elizalde, J., Gamba, D. and Terzián, A.

Assessing urinary metabolites as markers of nitrogen use in ruminants using a LC-MS and NMR approach
Boudra, H., Doreau, M., Nozière, P. and Morgavi, D.P.

Effect of rumen-protected methionine on buffalo rumen environment
Chiariotti, A., Huws, S.A., Contò, G. and Pace, V.

An analysis of eco-efficiency scenarios in dairy farming: simulations of calving interval
Huțu, I. and Chiș, C.

An analysis of eco-efficiency scenarios in dairy farming: simulations of cows number
Huțu, I. and Chiș, C.

Rapeseed-cake supplementation as strategy to reduce milk urea nitrogen concentration in dairy sheep
Mandaluniz, N., Arranz, J., Ruiz, R., Ugarte, E. and García-Rodríguez, A.

Effect of feeding rumen protected methionine and choline on milk yield and milk composition in early
Soleimani, A., Nourozi Ebdalabadi, M., Kousary Moghaddam, M. and Ahmadzadeh Bazzaz, B.

Effect of total replacement of soybean meal with a sustained-release non-protein nitrogen source
Nollet, L. and Warren, H.