Session 15. Nutrition, inflammation and oxidative stress

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: E. Tsiplakou

Theatre Session 15

Nutritional strategies to counteract oxidative stress: benefits and challenges
A. Baldi, L. Pinotti, C. Giromini, G. Invernizzi and G. Savoini

Amino acid supplementation to mitigate stress responses of weaner pigs exposed to acute stressors
S.O. Sterndale, D.W. Miller, J.P. Mansfield, J.C. Kim and J.R. Pluske

Provision of enrichment to piglets attenuated the immune response to weaning
C. Ralph, S. Barnes, S. Kitessa, M. Hebart and G. Cronin

Effects of the probiotic Enterococcus faecium on primary cultured porcine immune cells
S. Kreuzer-Redmer, F. Larsberg, P. Korkuc, N. Wöltje, K. Hildebrandt and G.A. Brockmann

Effect of olive bioactive extracts on immune response in lipopolysaccharide challenged heifers
L. Rostoll-Cangiano, M.F. Kweh, M.G. Zenobi, I.R. Ipharraguerre, C.D. Nelson and N. Dilorenzo

Impact of nutrition on the immune system of cattle
S. Dänicke

Sainfoin pellets for preventive parasite control and improved protein efficiency in dairy goats
S. Werne, N. Arnold, E. Perler and F. Leiber

More methionine in sows and piglets diets for better growth and immune response of weaned piglets
B.Y. Xu, L. Zhao, D.I. Batonon-Alavo, Y. Mercier, D.S. Qi and L.H. Sun

Methionine alone or combined with choline and betaine affects ewes’ milk and antioxidant capacity
E. Tsiplakou, A. Mavrommatis, K. Sotirakoglou, N. Labrou and G. Zervas

Poster Session 15

Effects of alkaloids in the total mixed rations on milk yield and metabolic status of dairy cows
H. Scholz, D. Weber and A. Ahrens

Foetal supplementation with vitamins C and E via maternal intake improves antioxidant status
V.H. Parraguez, F. Sales, O.A. Peralta, C. Serendero, G. Peralta, S. McCoard and A. González-Bulnes

Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in the backfat of pigs fed with cDDGS
M. Oczkowicz, M. Świątkiewicz and T. Szmatoła

Effect of quinoa and/or linseed on immune response and quality of meat from lambs
R. Marino, A. Della Malva, G. Annicchiarico, F. Ciampi, M.G. Ciliberti and M. Albenzio

Dietary energy, vitamin C, vitamin E and selenium improve antioxidant activity in the hen
S. Khempaka, P. Pasri, S. Okrathok, P. Maliwan, M. Sirisopapong, W. Molee, N. Gerard and P. Mermillod

Influence of yeast culture on blood metabolites and acute phase response in beef heifers
Y.Z. Shen, H.R. Wang, T. Ran, I. Yoon, A.M. Saleem and W.Z. Yang

Differentially expressed genes (DEGs) in the backfat of pigs fed with different fats
M. Oczkowicz, M. Świątkiewicz and T. Szmatoła

Reconstituted alfalfa hay in starter feed improves health status of dairy calves during pre-weaning
S. Kargar, K. Kanani, M.G. Ciliberti, M. Albenzio, A. Della Malva, A. Santillo and M. Caroprese

Role of the dietary grape seeds meal given to fattening pigs on the oxidative status of meat
M. Saracila, T.D. Panaite, M. Cornescu, M. Olteanu and A. Bercaru

Effect of dietary herbal supplementation on the health of organically raised Rhode Island Red hens
E. Sosnówka-Czajka, I. Skomorucha and E. Herbut