Session 15. Young Train session: dairy research and extension

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Identifying important risk factors for lameness in partly-housed pasture-based dairy cows
Browne,C.D. Hudson, R.E. Crossley, K. Sugrue, E. Kennedy, J.N. Huxley and M. Conneely

Seasonal variation of methane emissions in buffaloes captured using laser methane detector®
Lanzoni,M.G.G. Chagunda, M. Chincarini, I. Fusaro, M. Giammarco, M. Podaliri and G. Vignola

Effect of lysolecithin supplementation in milk on performance of suckling female dairy calves
M.I. Mandouh, R.A. Elbanna and H.A. Abdellatif

Net protein productivity to evaluate the contribution of specialized dairy farms to food security
Battheu-Noirfalise,A. Mertens, E. Froidmont, M. Mathot and D. Stilmant

Greenhouse gases and ammonia emissions: a holistic approach towards dairy production sustainability
A.R.F. Rodrigues, M.R.G. Maia, A.R.J. Cabrita, A. Gomes, L. Ferreira, H. Trindade, A.J.M. Fonseca and
J.L. Pereira

QTL for multiple birth in Brown Swiss and Original Braunvieh cattle on chromosome 15 and 11
Widmer,F.R. Seefried, P. Von Rohr, I.M. Häfliger, M. Spengeler and C. Drögemüller

Predicting cheese making traits in Grana Padano PDO via milk Fourier-transform infrared spectra
Molle,G. Stocco, A. Summer, A. Ferragina and C. Cipolat-Gotet

Saliva as a potential non-invasive fluid for passive immune transfer surveillance in calves
F.G. Silva, E. Lamy, S. Pedro, I. Azevedo, P. Caetano, J. Ramalho, L. Martins, J.O.L. Cerqueira, S.R. Silva and C. Conceição

Effect of grazing on cow milk metabolites
Niero,G. Meoni, L. Tenori, C. Luchinat, S. Callegaro, M. De Marchi and M. Penasa

Impact of prolonged cow-calf contact on dairy cow production in a pasture-based system
S.E. McPherson, L.E. Webb, A. Sinnott, E.A.M. Bokkers and E. Kennedy

Automated, incomplete milking as energy management strategy in early lactation of dairy cows
Meyer,E. Haese, K.-H. Südekum, H. Sauerwein and U. Müller

Characterization of bovine vaginal microbiota and its relationship with host phenotypes
Brulin,S. Ducrocq, G. Even, M.P. Sanchez, S. Martel, C. Audebert, P. Croiseau and J. Estellé

Empirical test of strategies for implementing genomic prediction in small Holstein populations
Ule,G. Gorjanc and M. Klopčič

Quality control of milk containing only A2 β-casein using locked nucleic acid-based real-time PCR
Jiménez-Montenegro,J.A. Mendizabal, L. Alfonso and O. Urrutia


Identification and expression profiling of miRNAs linked to early life performance in dairy cattle
M.K. MacLeay, G. Banos and F.X. Donadeu