Session 16. Advances in genomic analysis and prediction

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Date: 27 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Meuwissen

Theatre Session 16

08.30 Bayesian regression method for genomic analyses with incomplete genotype data
Invited R.L. Fernando, D. Garrick and J.C.M. Dekkers

09.00 Genotype imputation accuracy in Holstein Friesian cattle in case of whole-genome sequence data
R. Van Binsbergen, M.C.A.M. Bink, M.P.L. Calus, F.A. Van Eeuwijk, B.J. Hayes, B. Hulsegge and R.F. Veerkamp

09.15 Variation in genome sharing among non-inbred pigs
N.S. Forneris, J.P. Steibel, C.W. Ernst, R.O. Bates, J.L. Gualdrón Duarte and R.J.C. Cantet

09.30 Impact of rare variants on the quality of genomic prediction in dairy cattle
T. Suchocki and J. Szyda

09.45 Systematic differences in the response of genetic variation to pedigree and genome based selection
M. Heidaritabar, A. Vereijken, W.M. Muir, T. Meuwissen, H. Cheng, H. Megens, M. Groenen and J. Bastiaansen

10.00 Quality of reconstructed haplotypes in cattle
M. Erbe, M. Fraszczak, H. Simianer and J. Szyda

10.45 Variance and covariance of actual relationships between relatives at one locus
Invited L.A. Garcia-Cortes, A. Legarra, C. Chevalet and M.A. Toro

11.00 The impact of selection on the genome
D.M. Howard, R. Pong-Wong, V.D. Kremer, P.W. Knap and J.A. Woolliams

11.15 Across-breed genomic evaluation based on BovineHD genotypes, and phenotypes of bulls and cows
C. Schrooten, G.C.B. Schopen and P. Beatson

11.30 HD genotype imputation in 54k genotyped and ungenotyped Original Braunvieh and Brown Swiss cattle
B. Gredler, M. Sargolzaei, B. Bapst, A. Bieber, H. Simianer and F. Seefried

11.45 Validation accuracy of genomic breeding values with HD genotypes in Fleckvieh cattle
J. Ertl, C. Edel, R. Emmerling, H. Pausch, R. Fries and K.-U. Götz

12.00 Large scale genotype imputing for non-genotyped relatives in Holstein
H. Alkhoder, Z. Liu, F. Reinhardt, H. Swalve and R. Reents

12.15 Identification of six mutations responsible for prenatal mortality in dairy cattle
D. Boichard, A. Capitan, A. Djari, S. Rodriguez, A. Barbat, A. Baur, C. Grohs, M. Boussaha, D. Esquerré, C. Klopp, D. Rocha and S. Fritz


Poster Session 16

Bias in single-step genomic evaluations attributable to unknown genetic groups
S. Tsuruta, D.A.L. Lourenco and I. Misztal

A simulation study of genomic evaluation combining pure and crossbred data in small populations
N. Ibáñez-Escriche, J.P. Sánchez and J.L. Noguera

Accuracy of genomic evaluation in pure and admixed populations
E.F. Mouresan, A. González-Rodríguez, C. Moreno, J. Altarriba and L. Varona

Selection footprints in the autochthonous spanish beef cattle populations
L. Varona, J. Altarriba, C. Avilés, J.A. Baró, J. Cañas, M.J. Carabaño, C. Díaz, A. González-Rodríguez, A. Molina, C. Moreno and J. Piedrafita

Development of a genomic evaluation for milk production for a local bovine breed
F.G. Colinet, J. Vandenplas, P. Faux, S. Vanderick, C. Bertozzi, X. Hubin and N. Gengler

SREBP gene expression in the mammary gland during the first stage of lactation in Sarda ewes
M.C. Mura, C. Daga, S. Bodano, G. Cosso, M.L. Diaz, E. Sanna, P.P. Bini, S. Luridiana and V. Carcangiu

Concordance analysis: from QTL to candidate causative mutations
I. Van Den Berg, S. Fritz, A. Djari, S.C. Rodriguez, D. Esquerré, C. Klopp, D. Rocha, M.S. Lund and D. Boichard

Reconstruction of 777k SNP genotype of a founder using information from genotyped progeny
S.A. Boison, A.M. Perez O’brien, C. Nettelblad, Y. Utsunomiya, J.F. Garcia and J. Sölkner

On Mendelian variance and ancestral regression of breeding values with a genomic covariance matrix
R.J.C. Cantet and N.S. Forneris

Strategy to simulate, analyse and predict longitudinal data with genomic random regression models
T. Yin, E.C.G. Pimentel, U. Von Borstel and S. König

Accuracy of genomic selection in a substructured population of Large White pigs
G. Ni, A. Haberland, C. Bergfelder, C. Grosse-Brinkhaus, M. Erbe, B. Lind, E. Tholen and H. Simianer

The adjusted genomic relationships by allele frequencies within breeds and use in single-step GBLUP
M.L. Makgahlela, I. Strandén, U.S. Nielsen, M.J. Sillanpää and E.A. Mäntysaari

Comparison of additive and dominance models for genomic evaluation
M. Nishio and M. Satoh

Enlarging a training set for genomic selection by imputation of un-genotyped animals
M. Wensch-Dorendorf, E. Pimentel, S. König and H.H. Swalve

Comparison of genomic selection approaches in Brown Swiss within Intergenomics
P. Croiseau, F. Guillaume, J. Promp and S. Fritz

Accuracy of genomic predictions in beef cattle with medium and high-density SNP panels
M. Gunia, R. Saintilan, M.-N. Fouilloux, E. Venot and F. Phocas

A simulation study to evaluate different strategies of genomic selection in Italian heavy pigs
A.B. Samorè, L. Buttazzoni, M. Gallo, V. Russo and L. Fontanesi

Impact of genetic markers information on breeding value accuracy and selection of replacement bulls
F.M. Rezende, J.B.S. Ferraz, F.V. Meirelles and N. Ibáñez-Escriche

Correlation between molecular breeding values estimated by different Bayesian methods
F.M. Rezende, J.B.S. Ferraz, F.V. Meirelles, J.P. Eler and N. Ibáñez-Escriche

Advantages of High-density genotyping for morphologic and production traits GWAS in Italian Holstein
P. Ajmone Marsan, M. Milanesi, L. Bomba, R. Negrini, L. Colli, E. Nicolazzi, S. Capomaccio, R. Mazza, N. Bacciu and B. Stefanon