Session 16. Discovery session: Proteomics in farm animals

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Date: 25 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: A. Almeida

Theatre Session 16

14.00 Seasonal weight loss tolerance in farm animals: a proteomics and systems biology approach
Invited A.M. Almeida

14.30 Proteomics and biomarkers of poultry production
Invited P.D. Eckersall and E.L. O’Reilly

15.00 Proteomic technologies to identify stress and welfare markers in livestock
Invited A. Marco-Ramell, L. Arroyo, D. Valent, M. Olivan, A. Velarde and A. Bassols

15.15 Farmed fish quality and welfare monitoring using proteomics
Invited P.M. Rodrigues, N. Richard, T. Silva, D. Schrama, J. Dias and L. Conceição

15.30 Proteomics as a tool to better understand beef tenderness
Invited E. Veiseth-Kent and K. Hollung


16.15 Proteomic tools to assess meat authenticity
Invited M.A. Sentandreu and E. Sentandreu

16.30 The milk proteome in diary science: from animal welfare to food safety
Invited P. Roncada, C. Piras, A. Soggiu, I. Alloggio and L. Bonizzi

17.00 Influence of weight loss on the wool proteomics profile: a combined iTRAQ and fibre structural study
Invited A.M. Almeida, J.E. Plowman, D.P. Harland, A. Thomas, T. Kilminster, T. Scanlon, J. Milton, J. Greeff, C. Oldham and S. Clerens