Session 16. Improving the quality and sustainability of beef production (with Cattle Network WG and Livestock and Meat Commission NI) – part 2

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Date: 29 August 2016; 14:00 – 17:00 hours
Chairperson: J.F. Hocquette


Theatre Session 16

Modelling energy partitioning and milk production performance of suckler beef cows
D. Sapkota, A.K. Kelly, M. McGee and P. Crosson

Does suckler cow genotype matter at calving?
D.E. Lowe and F.O. Lively

Net Feed Efficiency (NFE) measured in finishing Stabiliser steers
J.J. Hyslop, R. Fuller, U. Taylor, D. Thirlwell, D. Dreux and D. Pullar

Associations of feed efficiency and animal category with rumen functional parameters in cattle
S. Lam, J. Munro, L. Guan, M. Steele, F. Schenkel, S. Miller and Y. Montanholi

The effect of increased production efficiency in beef production I: Cow population size
L. Aass, B.A. Åby and O.-M. Harstad

The effect of increased production efficiency in beef production II: Greenhouse gas emissions
B.A. Åby, P. Crosson, L. Aass and O.M. Harstad

Environmental sustainability of integrated France-Italy specialized beef chain using the LCA method
M. Berton, M. Lherm, J. Agabriel, L. Gallo and E. Sturaro
Evaluation of production efficiencies among primiparous suckler cows of diverse genotype at pasture
S. McCabe, N. McHugh, N. O’Connell and R. Prendiville

A survey of commercial beef farms: investigating the impacts of farm management on herd fertility
F.M. Titterington, S.J. Morrison, F.O. Lively, A. Ashfield, A.W. Gordon and A. Johnston

Analysis of suckler cow reproductive performance on 37 Irish beef farms
R.F. Taylor, M. McGee, A.K. Kelly and P. Crosson

Improving efficiency and reducing waste in the beef supply chain
invited N. Scollan, S. Mackintosh, I. Richardson, A. Singh, N. Mishra and J. Draper

Alternative finishing strategies for dairy steers
B. Murphy, A.K. Kelly and R. Prendiville

Willingness to pay for beef is similar between different consumer groups
S.P.F. Bonny, J.-F. Hocquette, D.W. Pethick, I. Legrand, J. Wierzbicki, P. Allen, L.J. Farmer, R.J. Polkinghorne and G.E. Gardner


Posters Session

Suckler cow efficiency: G×E interaction in British and continental beef cattle breeds
M. Wetlesen, B.A. Åby and L. Aass

Comparative carcass characteristics of progeny from high and low replacement index cows
S. McCabe, N. McHugh, N. O’Connell and R. Prendiville

Influence of population structure on the compilation of the Bonsmara genomic reference population
L. Bosman, R.R. Van Der Westhuizen, C. Visser and E. Van Marle-Köster

An evaluation of synchronisation methods for suckler herds
F.O. Lively, D. Anderson and D.E. Lowe

Using consumer based assessments to derive economic values for quality of pork meat
A.D.M. Biermann, E. Rommelfanger, J. Anthe, H. Frevert and S. König

Response of early-weaned beef calves in feedlots to protein level and grain source in the diet
V. Beretta, A. Simeone, F. Pérez and S. Risso

A parsimonious imprinting model applied to Simmental slaughterhouse data
I. Blunk, M. Mayer, H. Hamann and N. Reinsch

Towards more efficient use of performance test data for Norwegian beef cattle
K. Haugaard

Ultra-low density genotype panels for breed assignment of Hereford cattle
M.M. Judge, M.M. Kelleher, J.F. Kearney, R.D. Sleator and D.P. Berry

Cortisol response to ACTH challenge in beef heifers divergently ranked on phenotypic RFI
A.K. Kelly, P. Lawrence, B. Earley, D.A. Kenny and M. McGee

GWAS studies reveals genomic regions related to early pregnancy in Nellore (Bos indicus) heifers
G.A. Oliveira Jr., A.S.M. Cesar, J.B.S. Ferraz and D. Garrick