Session 16. Integrated approach for sheep and goats Mediterranean farming systems

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The prospective methods to support pastoral strategies in the Mediterranean: the case of Corsica
J.-P. Dubeuf

Breeding for resistance and robustness against gastrointestinal nematodes in German Merino lambs
Gürtler,M. Schmid and J. Bennewitz

Introducing hormone-free insemination in dairy sheep farms challenges their feeding system design
Laclef,N. Debus, P. Taillandier, P. Hassoun, S. Parisot, E. González-García and A. Lurette

Response of lactating dairy ewes to exogenous melatonin varies according to breed
Elhadi,A.A.K. Salama, X. Such and G. Caja

Joint effects of month of kidding and stage of lactation on the chemical composition of goat milk
Zamuner,A.W.N. Cameron, B.J. Leury and K. Digiacomo

Environmental impact of suckling dairy lamb
M.F. Lunesu, G. Battacone, S.P.G. Rassu, G. Pulina, A. Fenu, A. Mazza and A. Nudda

Effect of the incorporation of forage alternatives in Chilean Mediterranean sheep farming

Sustainability in the sheep sector: a systems perspective, from good practices to policy
A.S. Atzori, A. Franca, P. Arca, G. Molle, M. Decandia, P. Duce and E. Vagnoni

Whole-genome analysis of diversity and population structure in Portuguese native sheep breeds
Gaspar,A. Usié, C. Leão, C. Matos, A.M. Ramos and C. Ginja

Detailed protein fraction profile of goat milk of six breeds
Secchi,N. Amalfitano, S. Pegolo, M.L. Dettori, M. Pazzola, G.M. Vacca and G. Bittante

Assessment of dairy sheep carcass composition with X-ray computed tomography
Argyriadou,M. Monziols, M. Patsikas and G. Arsenos

Comparative study of fat-tailed and thin-tailed sheep carcass quality
Argyriadou,A. Tsitsos, I. Stylianaki, S. Vouraki, T. Kallitsis, V. Economou and G. Arsenos

Loin intramuscular fat as a predictor of sheepmeat eating quality
Pannier,G.E. Gardner, R.A. O’reilly, F. Anderson and D.W. Pethick


Risk factors of abortion in dairy Florida goats followed by a new lactation
Rodríguez-Hernández,J. Simões, C. Díaz-Gaona, M.D. López-Fariña, M. Sánchez-Rodríguez and V. Rodríguez Estévez

Factors effecting the performance of lambs from birth to weaning
F.P. Campion, N. McHugh and M.G. Diskin

Trans fatty acids in the fat of lambs produced in south of Portugal
Jerónimo,A. Silva, O. Guerreiro, L. Fialho, S.P. Alves, J. Santos-Silva and R.J.B. Bessa

Breed effects on lamb and ewe traits in Dorper & Namaqua Afrikaner sheep in an extensive environment
M.A. Kao, J.B. Van Wyk, A.J. Scholtz, J.J.E. Cloete and S.W.P. Cloete

Dairy goat performances fed whole or processed cereal-legume meslin in a based ventilated hay ration
Caillat,L. Perrin, C. Boisseau and R.

Dorper-Sarda lamb breed valorisation throughout enhancement of meat quality
M.F. Lunesu, M.R. Mellino, A. Fenu, A. Mazza, G. Battacone, S.P.G. Rassu, G. Pulina and A. Nudda

Livestock predated by wolf (Canis lupus) in agroforestry systems of Lazio region: first evidences
Tiberi,A. Amici, R. Primi, P. Viola, M.M. Madonia and A. Vitali