Session 16. Synthesis and secretion of specific constituents into colostrum and mature milk

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Bruckmaier

Theatre Session 

Specific components and mechanisms that are unique to the formation of colostrum
Baumrucker, C.R.

Sampling procedure during milking and between quarters on the assessment of colostrum IgG content
Le Cozler, Y., Guatteo, R., Le Dréan, E., Turban, H., Leboeuf, F., Pecceu, K. and Guinard-Flament, J.

Secretion of water into milk: specific constituent or unregulated diluent?
Knight, C.H., Nazemi, S. and Klærke, D.

Serotonin (5-HT) regulates calcium mobilization at the onset of lactation
Laporta, J., Peters, T.L., Merriman, K.E. and Hernandez, L.L.

Milk fat globule membrane proteomics: a ‘snapshot’ of mammary epithelial cell biology
Cebo, C., Henry, C. and Martin, P.

Transfer of blood constituents into milk during mastitis
Wellnitz, O., Lehmann, M. and Bruckmaier, R.M.

Diurnal and seasonal hormone patterns in blood and milk of dairy cows
Castro, N., Wellnitz, O., Lollivier, V. and Bruckmaier, R.M.

Changes in intensity of biosynthesis of milk fat fatty acids during lactation in grazing dairy cows
Kirchnerová, K., Foltys, V. and Špička, J.

Timing of milk fatty acid profile responses to dietary oil additions: 21 days vs. shorter periods
Martínez Marín, A.L., Carrión, D., Gómez-Cortés, P., Gómez Castro, G., Juárez, M., Pérez Alba, L.M., Pérez Hernández, M. and De La Fuente, M.A.


Poster Session 

Primary bovine mammary epithelial cells demonstrate transcytosis of IgG1 in vitro
Baumrucker, C.R., Stark, A.M. and Green, M.H.

The effect of different sources of buffers on the performance of lactating dairy cows
Moodi, D.