Session 17. Dairy farming after 2015: sector, farm management and cow aspects

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Date: 27 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Kuipers

Theatre Session 17

08.30 Innovations in dairy: regional feed centre, bedded pack barns and amazing grazing
Invited P.J. Galama, H.J. Van Dooren, H. De Boer and W. Ouweltjes

09.00 Environmental effects of dairy-farming: focusing the results of the DAIRYMAN-project
Invited M. Elsaesser, J. Oenema and T. Jilg

09.30 Analysis of dairy farmers’ stategies and competences in three Central and Eastern European countries
Invited M. Klopcic, A. Malak-Rawlikovska, A. Stalgiene, F. Verhees, C. De Lauwere and A. Kuipers

09.45 Future dairy sector and herd management from American perspective
Invited S.A. Larson

10.45 Dairy sector in a non-quota environment
Invited H. Versteijlen

11.30 Strengths and weaknesses of the French dairy sector and of its main competitors in Europe
Invited C. Perrot, J.M. Chaumet and G. You

12.00 The development of milk prices paid to producers in the past and the future
Invited W. Koops


Poster Session 17

ProAgria CowCompass: a novel operation mode in advisory services for dairy farms in Finland
T. Huhtamäki, S. Nokka and H. Wahlroos

Impact of extension team trained for improve milk quality on small farms in Southeastern of Brazil
L.C. Roma Jr, A.C.S. Gonçalves, M.S.V. Salles and F.A. Salles