Session 17. Entire male pigs and immunocastration as alternatives to surgical castration of male piglets: opportunities and drawbacks (part 2) (with COST Action IPEMA)

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: G. Bee / M. Čandek-Potokar

Theatre Session 17

Weight of sex glands as an on line tool to discriminate entire males from immunocastrates
N. Batorek Lukač, G. Fazarinc, M. Prevolnik-Povše, M. Škrlep and M. Čandek-Potokar

Health and welfare issues regarding surgical castration of male piglets and its alternatives
E. Von Borell, A. Prunier and U. Weiler

Finishing heavy boars for lower taint, suitable welfare and optimal performance
L. Martin, A. Frias, R.P.R. Da Costa, M.A.P. Conceição, R. Cordeiro and A. Ramos

Pork production with immunocastration: welfare and environment
V. Stefanski, E. Labussière, S. Millet and U. Weiler

Immunocastration, avoiding teeth clipping and tail docking improve piglets’ production and welfare
L. Morgan, E. Klement, L. Koren, J. Meyer, D. Matas, S. Novak, L. Golda, Y. Cohen, W. Abu Ahmad and T. Raz

Behavioural response to an intermittent stressor is higher in entire compared to castrated male pigs
M. Holinger, B. Früh, P. Stoll, M. Kreuzer, R. Graage, A. Prunier and E. Hillmann

Meat quality issues in entire male and immunocastrated pigs
M. Škrlep and M. Čandek-Potokar

Comparison of muscle proteome profile between entire males and surgically castrated pigs
K. Poklukar, M. Škrlep, U. Tomažin, N. Batorek Lukač and M. Čandek-Potokar

Quality control in entire male pig production with particular emphasis on boar taint detection
M. Font-I-Furnols, M. Čandek-Potokar, N. Panella-Riera, J.-E. Haugen and I. Bahelka

Fully automated and rapid at-line method for measuring boar taint related compounds in back fat
C. Borggaard, R.I.D. Birkler, S. Støier and B. Lund

Raising entire male pigs: a framework for sensory quality control
D. Moerlein

Citizen attitudes and consumer acceptability towards meat from boars and immunocastrates in Europe
M. Aluwé, L. Tudoreanu, L. Lin, A.R.H. Fischer and M. Font I Furnols

Consumer’s opinion on animal welfare and pig castration in Croatia
I. Djurkin Kusec, G. Kusec, L. Guerrero, M. Font-I-Furnols and I. Tomasevic

Consumer expectations towards meat from castrated and immunocastrated pigs: a segmentation approach
A. Claret, L. Guerrero, M. Font-I-Furnols and A. Dalmau

Poster Session 17

Quality of pig carcasses of surgical- and immunocastrated males slaughtered at different live weight
M. Povod, O. Kravchenko, A. Getya and O. Kodak

Influence of housing conditions on antibody formation and testosterone after Improvac vaccinations
K. Kress, U. Weiler and V. Stefanski

Effect of immunocastration on performance and fresh ham qualty of heavy gilts
D. Martin, C. Carrasco, M. Hebrero, M. Nieto, A. Fuentetaja and J. Peinado

Consumer’s attitudes towards surgical castration of pigs in three Western Balkan countries
I. Tomasevic, S. Novakovic, I. Djekic, D. Nakov, L. Guerrero and M. Font-I-Furnols

Quality and sensory evaluation of meat from entire males after adding hydrolysable tannins to diet
I. Bahelka, O. Bučko and E. Hanusová

About analysis of boar taint compounds in meat compared to subcutaneous fat
S. Ampuero Kragten and G. Bee

Sex neutralization of heavy pigs from Iberian Peninsula breeds: solutions and limitations
R. Charneca, F.I. Hernández-García and M. Izquierdo

Effect of essential oil addition on masking boar taint in fresh pork sausage
B. Šojić, V. Tomović, P. Ikonić, B. Pavlić, N. Džinić, N. Batorek-Lukač and I. Tomašević

Characterisation of eQTLs associated with androstenone, skatole and indole in porcine testis
M. Drag, L.J.A. Kogelman, H. Maribo, L. Meinert, P.D. Thomsen and H.N. Kadarmideen

Boar taint and meat quality characteristics of entire male and surgically castrated male pigs
I.G. Penchev, S. Ribarski and T. Stoyanchev

Retrospective by sex of the new EU lean meat content of pig carcasses
G. Daumas

Sensory analysis of cooked ham from entire pigs raised with different feeding and housing conditions
R. Pinto, N. Reis, C. Barbosa, R. Pinheiro and M. Vaz Velho

Effect of the method of castration on growth performance and boar taint
K. Zadinova, R. Stupka, J. Citek and N. Lebedova