Session 17. Equine production, management and welfare

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Date: 1st September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: K. Potočnik

Theatre Session 17

Mare’s milk production with Lipizzan mares
K. Potočik, M. Simččand A. Kaić

The possibility of production and placement of donkey’s milk in Croatia
A. Ivanković J. Ramljak, K. Potočik and M. Baban

Socioeconomic and pedigree factors affecting the Asinina de Miranda donkey breed viability
M. Quaresma, M. Novoa, A.M.F. Martins, J.B. Rodrigues, J. Colaco and R. Payan-Carreira

Animal (at)traction in the 21 century
J.B. Rodrigues, J. Prazeres, M. Pequito, E. Bartolome and A.S. Santos

Analyzing the technical performance of trotting forms in Sweden using data envelopment analysis
K. Kataria, D. Gregg, Y. Surry, R. Kron and H. Andersson


Assessment of time requirements and work quality in five Swedish stables
Invited M. Lundholm and A.-L. Holgersson

Effect of two feeding levels on growth and plasma T3, T4 and IGF-I of Lusitano foals
M.J. Fradinho, R. Fernandes, P. Francisco, W. Martin-Rosset, L. Mateus, R.J.B. Bessa, G. Ferreira-Dias and R.M. Caldeira

Effect of selenium and vitamin E supplementation on serum cortisol in horses under moderate exercise
E. Velazquez-Canton, A. Ramirez-Perez, L.A. Zarco-Quintero, A. Rodriguez-Cortez and J.C. Angeles-Hernandez

Is group-housed horses less reactive?
K. Morgan, I. Kamark, J. Lundman, S. Sandberg and M. Eisersio

Can relaxing massage and music decrease stress level in race horses?
W. Kędzierski, I. Janczarek, A. Stachurska and I. Wilk

Horse owners’ experiences and decision making regarding equine emergencies
E. Parkinson and C.V. Brigden


Posters Session 17

Does releasing horses to paddocks affect emotional response to transportation to race track?
I. Janczarek, W. Kędzierski, A. Stachurska and I. Wilk

Milk and blood serum concentration of selected trace elements in lactating donkeys
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, P. Mariani, R. Piloni, E. Malissiova and E. Salimei

Lying behaviour in horses on straw and pelleted sawdust
L. Kjellberg, K. Morgan, J. Ilvonen and L. Segander

Diurnal and nocturnal concentration of essential minerals and trace elements in donkey milk
F. Fantuz, S. Ferraro, L. Todini, P. Mariani, R. Piloni, A. De Cosmo and E. Salimei

Some morphological traits of Arabian and Thoroughbred horses and their future in Turkey
O. Yilmaz and M. Ertugrul

Economic, social and environmental impact of Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy
C. Vial, C. Fabien, E. Barget and G. Bigot