Session 17. Genomic selection

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Ibañez-Escriche

Theatre Session 

Across-breed genomic evaluations in cattle
Berry, D.P.

Genomic prediction within and between dairy cattle breeds with an imputed high density marker panel
Erbe, M., Hayes, B.J., Bowman, P.J., Simianer, H. and Goddard, M.E.

Genomic evaluation combining different French dairy cattle breeds
Karoui, S., Carabaño, M.J., Diaz, C. and Legarra, A.

Genomic selection in small breeds using multi-breed reference populations
Mészáros, G., Gredler, B., Schwarzenbacher, H., Meuwissen, T. and Sölkner, J.

Genomic selection for cow traits in beef cattle
Todd, D.L., Woolliams, J.A. and Roughsedge, T.

The genomic selection system in Italian Holstein
Finocchiaro, R., Van Kaam, J.B.C.H.M. and Biffani, S.

Application of genomic-assisted selection in swine breeding
Forni, S., Cleveland, M.A. and Deeb, N.

Alternative single-step type genomic prediction equations
Gengler, N., Nieuwhof, G., Konstantinov, K. and Goddard, M.

Compatibility of pedigree-based and marker-based relationships for single-step genomic prediction
Christensen, O.F.

Comparison of genomic evaluation in Lacaune dairy sheep using single or multiple step GBLUP
Baloche, G., Legarra, A., Lagriffoul, G., Larroque, H., Moreno, C., Robert-Granié, C., Giral, B., Panis, P., Astruc, J.M. and Barillet, F.

Genomic predictive ability for growth, carcass and temperament traits in Nelore cattle
Carvalheiro, R., Perez O’brien, A.M., Nevez, H.H.R., Sölkner, J., Utsunomiya, Y.T. and Garcia, J.F.

Improvement of genomic models for calving ease in the UK
Eaglen, S.A.E., Coffey, M.P., Wall, E., Woolliams, J.A. and Mrode, R.


Poster Session 

Preliminary single-step multitrait genomic evaluation of Holstein type traits
Zavadilová, L., Bauer, J., Haman, J., Přibyl, J., Přibylová, J., Šimečková, M., Vostrý, L., Čermák, V., Růžička, Z., Šplíchal, J., Verner, M., Motyčka, J. and Vondrášek, L.

Artificial neural networks: influence of the network topology on genetic breeding value estimation
Ehret, A., Hochstuhl, D. and Thaller, G.

Accuracy of genomic prediction for protein yield using different models in Slovenian Brown bulls
Špehar, M., Potočnik, K. and Gorjanc, G.

Genomic best linear unbiased prediction by simulated annealing
Esquivelzeta, C. and Casellas, J.

Adaptation of BLUPF90 package for genomic computations
Misztal, I., Aguilar, I., Tsuruta, S. and Legarra, A.

Reliability of genomic prediction using low density chips
Segelke, D., Chen, J., Liu, Z., Reinhardt, F., Thaller, G. and Reents, R.

Genomic evaluation with SNP chip switched
Alkholder, H., Liu, Z., Reinhardt, F., Swalve, H.H. and Reents, R.

Error rate for imputation from BovineSNP50 to BovineHD
Schrooten, C., Dassonneville, R., Brøndum, R., Chen, J., Liu, Z. and Druet, T.

SNPpit – efficient data management for high density genotyping
Groeneveld, E. and Truong, C.V.C.

Estimation of breeding value using one-step approach with random regression test day model
Suchocki, T., Liu, Z., Żarnecki, A. and Szyda, J.

Genomic selection for increased farm profit and reduced methane energy production in dairy cattle
Lopez-Villalobos, N. and Davis, S.R.

SNP identification in Italian pig breeds using next generation sequencing technology
Guiatti, D., Sgorlon, S., Licastro, D. and Stefanon, B.