Session 17. Role of nutrition in animal well-being

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Evaluation of butyric acid for inflammation mitigation using in vitro and in vivo approaches in pig
Gardan-Salmon,S. Molez, B. Saldaña, J.I. Ferrero, A. Bruyère and M. Arturo-Schaan

Citrus pectin modulates chicken peripheral blood mononuclear cells proteome
Ávila, M. Bonnet, A.Delavaud, D. Viala, S. Déjean, G. Grilli, S. Di Mauro, M. Ciccola, C. Lecchi and F. Ceciliani

Reducing aggressive behaviour using a liquid calming herbal extracts in finishing pigs
Farias-Kovac,D. Carrion, E. Mainau, M. Gispert and E. Jiménez-Moreno

Do dietary carob pulp and vitamin E affect performance and welfare in fattening pigs?
D.N. Bottegal, B. Casado, L. Bernaus, S. Lobón, I. Argemí-Armengol, J. Álvarez Rodríguez and M.A. Latorre

MicroRNAs in plasma and leucocytes as potential biomarkers for rumen health in a SARA cow model
O.E. Ojo, L. Hajek, S. Johanns, C. Pacifico, S. Ricci, R. Rivera-Chácon, A. Sener-Aydemir, E. Castillo- Lopez, N. Reisinger, Q. Zebeli and S. Kreuzer-Redmer

Evaluation of pre-transport feeding strategies in bull calves’ performance and gut permeability
Pisoni,S. Marti, A.M. Bassols, Y. Saco, J. Pujols, N. Gómez and M. Devant

Can real lavender essential oil reduce young bulls’ stress and prevent respiratory diseases?
Vanbergue,M. Guiadeur, B. Mounaix, S. Masselin-Sylvin, J. Noppe, L. Jouet, S. Guedon and S. Assié

Fat sources in milk replacer for calves affect ad libitum intake behaviour and performance
J.N. Wilms, V. Van Der Nat, M.H. Ghaffari, M.A. Steele, H. Sauerwein, J. Martín-Tereso and L.N. Leal

Feeding concentrated colostrum ensures sufficient uptake of IgG in Holstein calves
Jarltoft,C.B. Jessen, M.B. Samarasinghe and M. Vestergaard

Live yeast supplementation improves performance of calves under stressful conditions
S.J. Davies, G. Esposito, C. Villot, E. Chevaux, L. Bailoni and E. Raffrenato

Lying behaviour of dairy cows is influenced by the characteristics of heavily forage-based rations
Haselmann,M. Wenter, W. Knaus, K. Bauer, B. Fuerst-Waltl, Q. Zebeli and C. Winckler

Season and cleaning interval affect biological water quality and drinking behaviour of dairy cows
Burkhardt,J.J. Hayer, C. Heinemann and J. Steinhoff-Wagner

Evaluation of the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects of Thymus capitatus against mastitis
Nehme,E. Vanbergue, S. Even, H. Falleh, R. Ksouri, S. Bouhallab, L. Rault and L. Abdennebi-Najar

Milk production responses of transition dairy cows to supplementation of rumen protected choline
H.T. Holdorf, K.A. Estes, C. Zimmerman, K.E. Ritz, M.J. Martin, G.J. Combs, S.J. Henisz, S.J. Erb, W.E. Brown and H.M. White


Gastrointestinal health and oxidative status in calves fed milk replacer differing in fat sources
J.N. Wilms, N. Kleinveld, G.H. Ghaffari, M.A. Steele, H. Sauerwein, J.M. Martín-Tereso and L.N. Leal

Effect of a spice functional feed additive on behaviour and ruminal ecosystem in cows
Omphalius,J.-F. Gabarrou, G. Desrousseaux and S. Julliand

Efficacy of different mycotoxin binders to adsorb mycotoxins: a review from in vitro studies
Kihal,M. Rodríguez-Prado and S. Calsamiglia

Meta-analysis on the efficacy of mycotoxin binders to reduce aflatoxin M1 in dairy cow’s milk
Kihal,M. Rodríguez-Prado and S. Calsamiglia

Effect of dietary herbal extracts in broiler breast composition, oxidation and MAPKs activation
Dokou, I.Giannenas, S. Savvidou, N. Panteli, C. Tatoudi, I. Voutsinou, I. Mourtzinos, E. Antonopoulou, D. Lazari, J. Wang and K. Grigoriadou

Dietary olive cake inclusion and metabolic change of lactating Holstein, Simmental and Modicana cows
Lopreiato,A. Bionda, A. Amato, E. Fazio, P. Crepaldi, V. Chiofalo and L. Liotta

The effect of vitamin D3 supplementation on the liver transcriptome of domestic pig
A.S. Steg, A.W. Wierzbicka, M.O. Oczkowicz and M.Ś. Świątkiewicz

Lack of effectiveness of acidified diet in preventing hypocalcaemia in commercial dairy farms
Aubineau,A. Boudon and R. Guatteo

Effect of a combination of three yeasts on body temperature of weaning piglets by thermal imaging
Perricone,S. Sandrini, V. Redaelli, F. Luzi, E.R. Parra Titos, G. Savoini and A. Agazzi

Effect of a new high fibre feed on blood biochemistry of outdoor finished male local pigs
J.M. Martins, R. Charneca, R. Varino, A. Albuquerque, A. Freitas, J. Neves, C. Marmelo, F. Costa, A. Ramos and L. Martin

The effects of external treatment with essential oils on milk quality: a lipidomics approach
Ceciliani,R. Nehme, P. Cremonesi, B. Castiglioni, F. Biscarini, M. Ciccola, S. Di Mauro, S. Andrés, R. Pereira, M. Audano, D. Caruso, D. Pereira, H. Falleh, R. Ksouri, C. Gini and L. Abfennedbi-Najar

Effect of dietary plant extracts in broiler chicken breast composition, lipid and protein oxidation
Vasilopoulos, S.Dokou, I. Giannenas, S. Savvidou, S. Christaki, A. Kyriakoudi, E. Antonopoulou, I. Mourtzinos and T. Bartzanas

Effect of nutritional strategies at cow-calf on gene expression and marbling in Angus-Nelore cattle
R.A. Curi, G.L. Pereira, M.J.G. Ganga, W.A. Baldassini, L.A.L. Chardulo, M.R. Chiaratti, R.P. Nociti and
O.R. Machado Neto

Milk yield from dairy ewes supplemented with pumpkin and chia seeds
L.E. Robles-Jimenez, E. Aranda Aguirre, A.J. Chay Canul, R.A. Garcia Herrera and M. Gonzalez Ronquillo

Does supplementation of pig diets with high doses of vitamin D3 alter transcriptome of adipose tissue?
A.S. Steg, A.W. Wierzbicka, M.O. Oczkowicz and M.Ś. Świątkiewicz

Transcriptomic and proteomic analysis of omega-3 fatty acids in the porcine enterocytes
Sundaram,C. Giromini, R. Rebucci, S. Pisanu, D. Pagnozzi, M.F. Addis, M. Bhide, J. Pistl and A. Baldi

Effect of vitamin D3 supplementation on brain transcriptome in rats
Oczkowicz, A. Steg, A. Wierzbicka,I. Furgał, B. Szymczyk, A. Koseniuk, M. Świątkiewicz and T. Szmatoła