Session 17. Welfare, behaviour and health in horse management

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Date: 25 August 2014; 14:00 – 16:00 hours
Chairperson: R. Evans

Theatre Session 17

14.00 Time management in stable routines
T. Thuneberg, L. Välitalo and A. Teppinen

14.15 Shelter use by Icelandic horses in the winter period
J.W. Christensen and K. Thodberg

14.30 Testing of a wood pellet product as bedding material in horse stables
C.U.P. Herholz, S. Wägeli, M. Feuz, C. Häni, T. Kupper, A. Burren and B. Reidy

14.45 Equine cortical bone: in vivo and ex vivo properties assessment
M.J. Fradinho, A.C. Vale, N. Bernardes, R.M. Caldeira, M.F. Vaz and G. Ferreira-Dias

15.00 Comparison between equestrian simulator training and training on horses
M. Von Lewinski, N. Ille, C. Aurich, R. Erber, M. Wulf, R. Palme, B. Greenwood and J. Aurich

15.15 Field study on saddle pressure distribution in healthy horses
M. Glaus, S. Witte, S. Wägeli, A. Burren and C.U.P. Herholz

15.30 Stress response and interaction with the horse of male and female riders in equestrian show jumping
N. Ille, J. Aurich, M. Von Lewinski, R. Erber, M. Wulf, R. Palme and C. Aurich


Poster Session  17

Feeding behaviour of free ranging Lusitano mares in an irrigated pasture
A.S. Santos, R.J.B. Bessa, M.A.M. Rodrigues, M.P. Cotovio, E.G. Mena and L.M.M. Ferreira

Effect of antioxidant supplementation to horses on muscle integrity and resistance to training
F. Barbe, A. Sacy, P. Bonhommet and E. Chevaux

The influence of load to the heart frequency of the sport horses
E. Mlyneková, M. Halo and K. Vavrišínová

Shelter preferences of horses during summer
E. Hartmann, R. Hopkins and K. Dahlborn

Behavioural differences in Italian Heavy Draught Horse foals fed different protein levels
C. Sartori, N. Guzzo, S. Normando, L. Bailoni and R. Mantovani

Slow feeding systems for horses: does a net placed over the forage reduce the feed intake?
G. Gerster, A. Zollinger, C. Wyss, B. Strickler and I. Bachmann

Horse meat composition and properties from adult horses slaughtered in Lithuania
R. Sveistiene and V. Razmaite

Effect of storage time on the acceptability of foal meat
M.V. Sarries, M.J. Beriain, K. Insausti, J.A. Mendizabal, M. Ruiz, E. Valderrama, A. Perez De Muniain and A. Purroy