Session 18.Free communications in pig production

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Date: 29 August 2016; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Bee


Theatre Session 18

Pig carcass tail lesions: associations with record keeping and farm performance parameters
N. Van Staaveren, A. Hanlon and L. Boyle

What do maternal tests actually test?
C.G.E. Grimberg-Henrici, I. Czycholl, O. Burfeind and J. Krieter

Chemical Causes of Pig-House Odour
L.J. Farmer, J.T. Kennedy, T.D.J. Hagan and E. Magowan

The impact of the sanitary environment on health, pubertal development and sex odour of male pigs
S.P. Parois, A. Faouen, N. Le Floc’h and A. Prunier

Breed and feeding effects on boar taint under organic conditions
H. Brandt, K. Höinghaus, R. Bussemas and F. Weißmann

Are testis volume and boar taint related: a trial in entire and immunocastrated boars
M. Bernau, S. Schwanitz, L.S. Kreuzer, P.V. Kremer-Rücker and A.M. Scholz

Consumer evaluation of different cooking methods to deal with boar taint in fresh meat
F. Borrisser-Pairó, N. Panella-Riera, M. Egea, M.B. Linares, M. Gil, M.A. Oliver and M.D. Garrido

The relationship between feed efficiency and the expression of genes associated with appetite
S. Vigors, T. Sweeney, A.K. Kelly and J.V. O’Doherty

Genotype by diet interactions in selection lines for residual feed intake in pigs
E.D. Mauch, J.M. Young, J.F. Patience, N.K. Gabler and J.C.M. Dekkers

Transglycosylated starch beneficially shifts digestion to the hindgut in growing pigs
M.A. Newman, Q. Zebeli, A. Ladinig and B.U. Metzler-Zebeli

Home grown rapeseed meal as soya bean meal alternative for grower and finisher pigs
J.G.M. Houdijk, S.P.J. Kightley, M.M. Kasprzak, J. Wiseman, P. Carre and O.A. Olukosi

Faba beans to pigs: properties and possibilities of different cultivars
E. Ivarsson and M. Neil

Effect of hemp products on gastric ulcers in growing pigs
C. Lauridsen, M. Curtasu, M.L.M. Pedersen, J.Ø. Lindegaard, M.B.F. Nielsen and N. Canibe

Nurse sow strategies: an effective way to rear super-numerous piglets?
O. Schmitt, E. Baxter, L. Boyle and K. O’Driscoll


Posters Session

Oral fluid samples in group-housed sows: a welfare-friendly method alternative to blood samples?
C. Fablet, V. Dorenlor, F. Eono, S. Eudier, E. Eveno, D. Liegard-Vanhecke, N. Rose and F. Pol

Alterations in metabolites and hormones of pigs following anaesthesia
G. Das, A. Vernunft, S. Görs, E. Kanitz, J. Weitzel, K.-P. Brüssow and C.C. Metges

Association of polymorphism in MC4R gene with muscle and backfat thickness in different ages of pigs
J. Tomka, K. Vašíčková, I. Bahelka, D. Vašíček, M. Oravcová and M. Bauer

Gene co-expression networks and profiles reveal potential biomarkers of boar taint in pigs
M. Drag, R. Skinkyte-Juskiene, D.N. Do, L.J.A. Kogelman and H.N. Kadarmideen

Transglycosylated starch alters lipid metabolome and improves insulin response in growing pigs
M.A. Newman, Q. Zebeli, E. Eberspächer and B.U. Metzler-Zebeli

Use of phytase and xylanase to improve the nutritional value of rice co-products fed to pigs
G. Casas and H. Stein

Sex and extruded linseed diet +/- concentrate in fiber effect on the fatty acid composition of pork
A. De Tonnac, J. Mourot and M. Guillevic

Indices of economic efficiency the weaner production at Croatian piggeries to be sustainable
M. Sviben

The efficiency of the weaner production determinated by the sows’ ability, the use of sows and pens
M. Sviben

Attempt of SPME technique for analysis quality of boar’s semen
A. Zwyrzykowska, K. Śpitalniak, W. Bielas, R. Kupczyński, A. Szumny and B. Jarosz

Weaner pig performance using a wet or dry feed system
P. McMullen, R. Wregor, W. Henry, A. O’Connell and E. Magowan

Investigating the association of porcine PCSK9 genotype and muscle fatty acid composition
W. Chański, R. González-Prendes, A. Castelló, J. Jordana, A. Manunza, R. Quintanilla and M. Amills

Covariance components for growth of boars during on-farm test
A. Ule, M. Klopčič, M. Kovač and Š. Malovrh