Session 18. Insect production and processing

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Feeding the larvae: the first results of a large scale mealworm ring test
Deruytter,L. Gasco, M. Van Peer, C. Rumbos, S. Crepieux, L. Hénault-Ethier, T. Spranghers, W. Yakti, C. Lopez Viso, C.L. Coudron, I. Biasato, S. Berrens, C. Adammaki-Sotiraki, A. Resconi, S. Bellezza Oddon, N. Paris and C. Athanassiou

Low-value agricultural by-products as ingredients for black soldier fly larvae
M.T. Klaassen, E. Spoler, L. Star, J.L.T. Heerkens and T. Veldkamp

Crate level climate control for BSFL rearing
J.W.M. Heesakkers

Novel heat-treatment sufficiently controls Varroa levels in honeybee colonies
Sandrock,J. Wohlfahrt, M. Hasselmann, W. Brunner and P. Brunner

The effect of rearing substrate on black soldier fly larval fatty acid profile: a meta-analysis
E.Y. Gleeson and E. Pieterse

Effect of six isoenergetic, isonitrogenous, isolipidic, waste-based substrates on adult life traits
Resconi,S. Bellezza Oddon, I. Biasato, Z. Loiotine, C. Caimi and L. Gasco

Growth and chemical composition of BSF larvae on biowastes containing similar crude protein content
Veldkamp,K. Van Rozen, E.F. Hoek-Van Den Hil, P. Van Wikselaar, A. Rezaei Far, I. Fodor, H.J.H. Elissen and R.Y. Van Der Weide

Lipid fraction of the black soldier fly larvae diet: consequences on adult parameters
BellezzaOddon, I. Biasato, A. Resconi and L. Gasco

Valorisation of local agricultural side-streams from Greece for Tenebrio molitor rearing
Vrontaki,C. Adamaki-Sotiraki, C.I. Rumbos, A. Anastasiadis and C.G. Athanassiou

Practical guide to commercial BSF farming

Bioconversion of olive pomace by black soldier fly larvae into a high-quality frass fertilizer
I.G. Lopes, T. Ribeiro, M.A. Machado, I. Vieira, R. Antunes, R. Nunes and D. Murta

Is 16 hours of daylight better than 12 hours for the production of house crickets?
Holm and A. Jansson

Optimizing insect rearing chain through the development of a digital twin for insect rearing
Tapio,S. Heiska, M. Karhapää and J. Niemi


Do vegetal compounds have a potential on yellow mealworm performances during rearing?
M.S. Fagnon, M.E. Gonzales, V. Ageorges, S. Kerros, L. Tournier, T. Chabrillat and C. Carlu

Population dynamics during Tenebrio molitor pupation
C.L. Coudron and D. Deruytter
Hermetia illucens and Tenebrio molitor: comparison between heat treatments for microbial reduction
Lucchetti,A. Grisendi, P. Bonilauri and M. Scremin

Insect substrates: evaluation of efficiency indices
Ottoboni,M. Moradei, L. Ferrari, G. Ceravolo, R. Abbate, A. Luciano and L. Pinotti

Bioconversion of olive pomace by black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens)
R.F. Antunes, I.G. Lopes, T. Ribeiro, M.A. Machado, I. Vieira, R. Nunes and D. Murta

Evaluation of plastic degradation capacity by black soldier fly (Hermetia illucens)
M.A. Machado, I. Lopes and D. Murta

Mealworm rearing on substrates enriched with functional ingredients of aromatic and medicinal plants
Gourgouta,S.S. Andreadis, E.I. Koutsogeorgiou, C.I. Rumbos, G. Skoulakis, I. Giannenas, K. Grigoriadou, E. Bonos and C.G. Athanassiou

Counting of insect larvae using computer vision
Carvão,D. Monteiro, D. Alexandre and V. Filipe

Black soldier fly larvae as up-cyclers of organic foodwaste
Noyens,S. Goossens, L. Frooninckx, L. Broeckx, A. Wuyts and S. Van Miert