Session 18. Modelling complexity in LFS to address trade-offs and synergies for efficiency

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Tichit

Theatre Session

Why livestock farming systems are complex objects
Martin, O.

Integrated simulation/optimization models to deal with multiple farming objectives
Villalba, D., Díez-Unquera, B., Carrascal, A., Bernués, A. and Ruiz, R.

Management flexibility as a new dimension of the trade-offs occurring in grassland agroecosystems
Sabatier, R., Doyen, L. and Tichit, M.

Modelling the effect of turnout date to pasture in spring of yearling dairy bred cattle
Ashfield, A., Crosson, P. and Wallace, M.

Some considerations about multicriteria evaluation of farm sustainabilty
Botreau, R.

Modeling complexity in livestock farming systems to address trade-offs and synergies
Rossing, W.A.H., Groot, J.C.J., Oomen, G.J.M. and Tittonell, P.

Planning intensity and its spatial allocation for reconciling livestock production and biodiversity
Teillard, F. and Tichit, M.

Intensification as a way to reduce cattle greenhouse gas emissions: a question of scale
Puillet, L., Agabriel, J., Peyraud, J.L. and Faverdin, P.