Session 18. The new equine economy: growth in new sectors and activities in the 21st century

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Date: 27 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Vial / Evans

Theatre Session 18

08.30 The ‘new equine economy’ in the 21st century
R. Evans and C. Vial

08.45 The French horse industry in 2030: scenarios to inform decision-making
Invited C. Jez, B. Coudurier, M. Cressent, F. Méa and P. Perrier-Cornet

09.15 How horse business professionals can adapt to the new consumer demand?
S. Pussinen and T. Thuneberg

09.30 Equine business: the spectacular growth of a new equine economy in France
S. Chevalier and G. Grefe

09.45 Assessing economic impact of equine activities in Norway and Sweden using input-output modelling
Invited G. Lindberg, A. Spissoy and Y. Surry

10.45 Effects of the 2008 recession on aspects on the UK horse industry
C. Brigden, S. Metcalfe, S. Mulford, L. Whitfield and S. Penrice

11.00 Promoting slaughtering of horses and consumption of horse meat
M.T. Saastamoinen

11.15 The 2012 Kentucky equine survey
Invited R.J. Coleman, M.G. Rossano, C.J. Stowe, S. Johnson, A. Davis, J. Allen, A.E. Jarrett, G. Grulke, L. Brown and S. Clark

11.45 A study on equestrian tourists motivation and involvement
J. Wu

12.00 The impact of horses on farm sustainability in different French grassland regions
G. Bigot, S. Mugnier, G. Brétière, N. Turpin, C. Gaillard and S. Ingrand


Poster Session 18

The REFErences network, an actor in the economic knowledge of the French horse industry
X. Dornier, P. Heydemann and B. Morhain

Jobs in the french equine sector
E.F. Farman, C.C. Cordilhac and F. Clément

Equine entrepreneur’s well-being
T. Mustonen and T. Thuneberg

Trends in the sport horse industry’s economical & socio-economical contribution to the Irish ecomony
A. Corbally, K.M. Brady, A.G. Fahey and D. Harty

Economic impact and social utility of equestrian events, examples from France
C. Vial, E. Barget and J.J. Gouguet

Price determinants for horse boarding in Norway and Sweden
Y. Surry, A. Milford and H. Andersson

Current acceptability of horse meat through consumer surveys
R. Álvarez, L. Perona, M. Valera, A.R. Mantecón and M.J. Alcalde

The acceptance of complementary therapies in equine communities and what therapists need to know
J. McKeown

Initial approach to define the potential market of recent biotechnologies: the case of cloning
A.P. Reis, E. Palmer and M. Nakhla

A comparative study into the impact of social media in the equine and agriculture industries
C.F. Martlew