Session 18. Using electronic identification (EID) and other technological advances in small ruminant farming

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Date: 1st September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: C. Morgan-Davies

Theatre Session 18

Integrating electronic identification in hill farming management
Invited C. Morgan-Davies, N. Lambe, H. Wishart, F. Kenyon, D. Mcbean, A. Waterhouse, A. Mclaren, F. Borthwick and D. Mccracken

Using RFID and other electronic devices for the management of small ruminant flocks in France
J. Holtz, J.M. Gautier, S. Duroy and G. Lagriffoul

UHF electronic identification may improve efficiency and animal welfare in sheep production
G. Steinheim, O. Holand, B. Stevens, M. Mchugh and R. Mobak

Influence of management and environmental factors on the movement of sheep on alpine pasture
T. Guggenberger, F. Ringdorfer, A. Blaschka, R. Huber and P. Haslgrubler

Advances in monitoring of livestock
Invited D.W. Ross, C. Michie, C.A. Duthie, S. Troy and I. Andonovic


A semi-automated procedure to detect variations of mountain pastures using Landsat imagery
R. Primi, C.M. Rossi, G. Piovesan and B. Ronchi

Plasma lactate concentration at slaughter is associated with intramuscular fat levels in lamb loin
S.M. Stewart, P. Mcgilchrist, G.E. Gardner and D.W. Pethick

Finishing of lambs through the autumn: carcass and meat quality using tropical grassland
B.N. Marsiglio-Sarout, C.H.E.C. Poli, N.M.F. Campos, J.F. Tontini, J.M. Castro, M.T. Braga, Z.M.S. Castilhos and C. Bremm

Lamb growth increases myoglobin and iron concentration in the longissimus muscle
K.R. Kelman, L. Pannier, H.B. Calnan, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner

Zinc concentration changes in the tissues with supplementation of zinc sources in growing lambs
S. Sobhanirad and E. Rabiei


Posters Session 18

Evaluation of the chemical composition of the lamb meat using near infrared (NIR) technology
M. Ślęzak and R. Niżnikowski

Effect of feeding system on meat quality and fatty acid profile of lambs and kids
S. Karaca and A. Kor