Session 19. Efficiency, multifunctionality and tradeoffs in livestock production

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Date: 1st September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: R. Ripoll-Bosch

Theatre Session 19

How to solve the problem of scales to improve the efficiency in livestock production?
Invited P. Faverdin

Nutrient balance at chain level: a valuable approach to benchmark nutrient losses of milk production
W. Mu, C.E. Van Middelaar, J.M. Bloemhof, J. Oenema and I.J.M. De Boer

Environmental footprint of a France – Italy integrated beef production system with a LCA approach
M. Berton, G. Cesaro, L. Gallo, M. Ramanzin and E. Sturaro

Can the environmental impact of pig systems be reduced by utilising co-products as feed?
S.G. Mackenzie, I. Leinonen, N. Ferguson and I. Kyriazakis

Productivity and efficiency of French suckler beef production systems: trends over the last 20 years
P. Veysset, M. Lherm, M. Roulenc, C. Troquier and D. Bebin

Nitrogen conversion efficiency in French livestock production from 1938 to 2010
J.P. Domingues, T. Bonaudo, B. Gabrielle and M. Tichit


The role of human-edible concentrates for future food security, the environment and human diets
Invited C. Schader, A. Muller and N. El-Hage Scialabba

Efficiency of Austrian dairy farms in terms of net food production and strategies for improvement
P. Ertl, W. Zollitsch and W. Knaus

Will beef and dairy have a place on our plate in the future?
M. Patel, J. Spangberg, G. Carlsson and E. Roos

Crop-livestock integration and diversification to enhance farming systems sustainability
I. Sneessens, P. Veysset, M. Benoit, A. Lamadon and G. Brunschwig

Applying agroecological principles to redesign and to assess dairy sheep farming systems
V. Thenard, J.P. Choisis and M.A. Magne

Towards an integrated index for sustainability in multifunctional dairy farms: a case study
S. Salvador, A. Zuliani, M. Corazzin, E. Piasentier, A. Romanzin and S. Bovolenta


Posters Session 19

Dairy farm productivity according to herd size, milk yield, and number of cows per worker
L. Krpalkova, V.E. Cabrera, J. Kvapilik and J. Burdych

Sustainability evaluation of beef cattle production systems in the Pampa Biome
C.S. Nicoloso, V.C.P. Silveira, F.L.F. Quadros and R.C. Coelho Filho

Sustainability assessment of Spanish sheep and Welsh beef mixed crop-livestock farming systems
A.M. Olaizola, C. Nicoloso, O. Barrantes, I. Blasco, R. Reine, S. Moakes and P.K. Nicholas

Milking practices of Breton dairy farmers with reduced milking intervals
V. Brocard, G. Trou, J. Flament, F. Gervais, N. Muller and K. Quemeneur

Incidence of process management program on the technological areas and the viability of mixed system
J. Rivas, A. Garcia, C. De Pablos-Heredero, M. Morantes, C. Barba and R. Arias

Dairy farm size in relation to performance and economic efficiency measures
I. Pavlik, J. Huba, D. Peškovičova, M. Zahradnik and S. Mihina

Comparative analysis of livestock sector policy in European Union and Turkey
Y. Tascioglu, C. Sayin, M.G. Akpinar and M. Gul

Economic efficiency of breeding suckler cows and fattening bulls in the Czech Republic
J. Syrůček, J. Kvapilik, L. Bartoň, M. Vacek, L. Stadnik and L. Krpalkova