Session 19. Milking physiology, milkability and milk production and quality in sheep and goats

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Date: 27 August 2013; 08:30 – 12:30 hours
Chairperson: Marnet

Theatre Session 19

08.30 Dam size, but not dam nutrition, affects the lifetime milk production of ewe offspring
Invited A.M. Paten, N. Lopez-Villalobos, P.R. Kenyon, D.S. Van Der Linden, A.M. Adiletta, S.W. Peterson, C.M.C. Jenkinson, S.J. Pain and H.T. Blair

09.15 Effects of different energy and protein supply during pre puberty on goat’s growth and lactation
L. Drouet, F. Dessauge and S. Duboc

09.30 Effect of extended photoperiod on ovulatory activity and milk yield in dairy goats
K.J. Logan, F.R. Dunshea, V.M. Russo, A.W.N. Cameron, A.J. Tilbrook and B.J. Leury

10.00 Responses to a heat stress episode in lactating Saanen and Alpine goats
L.S. Jaber, C. Duvaux-Ponter, S. Hamadeh and S. Giger-Reverdin

10.45 Once-daily milking ability of the Lacaune ewes: synthesis of the results of a 4 years French study
Invited F. Barillet, P. Hassoun, C. Allain, E. Gonzalez-Garcia, J.P. Guitard, P. Autran, M.R. Aurel, O. Duvallon, D. Portes, E. Vanbergue, F. Dessauge and P.G. Marnet

11.30 Exploring udder health by infrared thermography at milking in dairy ewes
A. Castro-Costa, G. Caja, A.A.K. Salama, M. Rovai and J. Aguiló

11.45 Changes in the milk and cheese fatty acid profile of ewes fed extruded linseed
E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez, R. Vera, C. Aguilar and R. Lira

12.00 Milk production and body composition of East Friesian × Romney and Border Leicester × Merino ewes
T.E. Hunter, F.R. Dunshea, L.J. Cummins, A.R. Egan and B.J. Leury


Poster Session 19

Lactation length and lactation milk yield in Alpine goat in Slovenia
D. Kompan

Effect of non-genetic factors on goat milk yield and milk composition
M. Markovic and B. Markovic

Olive oil by-products improves fatty acid profile of milk and cheese in ewe’s diets
E. Vargas-Bello-Pérez, R. Vera, C. Aguilar and R. Lira