Session 19. Options for sustainable livestock in Europe

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Date: Monday 27 August 2018; 14.00 – 18.00
Chair: M. Zehetmeier

Theatre Session 19

Livestock sustainability is more than controlling environmental footprint
M. Tichit

Benefits and costs of livestock production across scales: a case study of Dutch egg production
E.M. De Olde, A. Van Der Linden and I.J.M. De Boer

SusSheP – how to increase sustainability and profitability of European sheep production?
C. Morgan-Davies, P. Creighton, I.A. Boman, T. Blichfeldt, A. Krogenaes, N. Lambe, E. Wall, T. Padiou, M.G. Diskin, K.G. Meade, N. McHugh, X. Druart and S. Fair

Pasture and manure management for sustainable dairy farming: a life cycle assessment
A.D. Soteriades, A.M. Gonzalez-Mejia, D. Styles, A. Foskolos, J.M. Moorby and J.M. Gibbons

Relationships between dairy farming and mountain agro-ecosystems: a focus group approach
G. Faccioni, D. Bogner, R. Da Re, L. Gallo, P. Gatto, M. Ramanzin and E. Sturaro

Behaviour patterns to the intensification vary differently within dairy producers
A.-C. Dalcq, Y. Beckers, B. Wyzen, E. Reding, P. Delhez and H. Soyeurt

How should we measure the sustainability of livestock?
J.M. Gibbons

Benefits and costs of livestock systems in ten European case studies
D. Neumeister, M. Zehetmeier, E. De Olde, T. Valada, M. Tichit, T. Rodriguezo, C. Morgan-Davis, I. De Boer, C. Perrot and A.C. Dockes

Effect of low and high concentrate supplementation on health and welfare in mountain dairy farms
L. Flach, S. Kühl, E. De Monte, C. Lambertz and M. Gauly

Regional diversity in bundles of impacts and services points to options for livestock future
B. Dumont, J. Ryschawy, M. Duru, M. Benoit, V. Chatellier, L. Delaby, C. Delfosse, J.Y. Dourmad, P. Dupraz, N. Hostiou, B. Méda, D. Vollet and R. Sabatier

Description and validation of the Teagasc pig production model
J.A. Calderón Díaz, L. Shalloo, J. Niemi, M. McKeon, G. McCutcheon and E.G. Manzanilla

Coping with citizen demands: a field study of of suckling processes in dairy herds
C. Disenhaus, A. Michaud, N. Genot, L. Valenzisi, D. Pomies, B. Martin, C. Chassaing and Y. Le Cozler

Poster Session 19

Which sustainability indicators are addressed by livestock models applicable in Europe?
A. Van Der Linden, E.M. De Olde, P.F. Mostert and I.J.M. De Boer

Economic sustainability of bull fattening operations in the Czech Republic
J. Syrůček, L. Bartoň, J. Kvapilík, M. Vacek and L. Stádník

Scandinavian beef production models explored on efficiency on producing human edible protein
C. Swensson and A. Herlin

What are the limitations for organic conversion of extensive livestock systems in dehesas?
A. Horrillo, P. Gaspar, M. Escribano, F.J. Mesías and A. Elghannam

Improving extensive livestock farming in Karrantza Valley concerning the risks of wolf predation
M. Sáenz De Buruaga, R.J. Ruiz, M.Á. Campos, J. Gómez, J. Batiz, G. Calvete, K. Mas, I. Bilbao, N. Mandaluniz, R. Atxaerandio, F. Canales and N. Navamuel

Preliminary results of the BEEF CARBON initiative in innovative beef farms in Italy
S. Carè, G. Pirlo and L. Migliorati

Integral use of rapeseed as a sustainable alternative for Idiazabal PDO cheese-making
N. Mandaluniz, A. García-Rodríguez, I. Goiri, J. Arranz, F. Ajuria and R.J. Ruiz

Alternative to eCG- treatment for fix time AI in piglet production with group farrowing system
M. Waehner and H.P. Knoeppel

Can we combat anthelmintic resistance in ruminants?
J. Charlier, S. Sotiraki, L. Rinaldi, E. Claerebout, E. Morgan, G. Von Samson-Himmelstjerna, F. Kenyon and H. Hoste

Angus and Hereford breed bulls suitability for fattening with grass forage
I. Muizniece and D. Kairisa