Session 19. Pig health and welfare free communications

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Influence of different fixation times of sows in farrowing pens on their behaviour and piglet losses
B.-M. Baude, K. Krugmann, S. Diers, E. Tholen and J. Krieter

Does reducing time in gestation stalls in early pregnancy affect sow welfare and performance?
M.C. Galli, M.E. Lagoda, F. Gottardo, B. Contiero and L.A. Boyle

Welfare indicators for pigs within a national monitoring – results of survey and application on farm
Krugmann,J. Johns, D. Frieten and J. Krieter

Selection of applicable variables as indicators for tail biting using a partial least squares model
Drexl,I. Dittrich, T. Wilder, S. Diers and J. Krieter

Behavioural differences of tail-biting pigs and their victims before a tail-biting incident
Wilder,V. Drexl and J. Krieter

Ex vivo model of porcine foot to assess biomechanical effects of flooring and claw trimming in sows
Telezhenkoand A.-C. Olsson

From biosecurity audit to tailor-made recommendations in pig farms: how to prioritize action points?
Levallois,M. Leblanc-Maridor, C. Belloc and C. Fourichon

Influence of glyphosate residues in sow diets on piglet diarrhoea, kinky tails and stillbirth
J.F.M. Winters, L. Foldager, U. Krogh, N.P. Nørskov and M.T. Sørensen

ANOXIA(TM) versus T61® euthanasia method in pigs reveals no differential gene expression
Chakkingal,R. Meyermans, W. Gorssen, S. Janssens and N. Buys

Effect of zearalenone at concentrations below and above EU recommendation in piglets after weaning
V.C. Bulgaru, G.C. Pistol, D.E. Marin, I. Taranu and A. Dinischiotu

Minor influence of feed glyphosate on gut microbial ecology of weaned piglets
Rani,M.T. Sørensen, S.J. Noel, N.P. Nørskov, U. Krogh, L. Foldager and O. Højberg

Reducing enterotoxigenic E. coli in young pig intestinal cell lines: the role of bacteriophages
Ferreira,C. Almeida, D. Silva, M.E. Rodrigues, M. Henriques, J. Azeredo and A. Oliveira

Consequences of anaemia in sows on their reproductive performance and on the long-term pigs’ growth
Samson,F. Guillard, E. Janvier, J. Martrenchar and J. Pique