Session 20. Genetics free communications

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Date: 1st September 2015; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Wall

Theatre Session 20

Haplotype construction methods to enhance genomic evaluation
D. Jonas, V. Ducrocq and P. Croiseau

Predicting mutation carriers from unbalanced data
F. Biscarini, H. Schwarzenbacher, H. Pausch and S. Biffani

Accuracy of imputation from SNP array data to sequence level in chicken
G. Ni, H. Pausch, T.M. Strom, R. Preisinger, M. Erbe and H. Simianer

Sequence-based maps reveal similar recombination patterns on macro- and microchromosomes in chicken
S. Qanbari, M. Seidel, G. Meszaros, T.M. Strom, R. Preisinger and H. Simianer

Imputation accuracy from high density genotypes to whole genome sequence in cattle
D.C. Purfield, J.F. Kearney and D.P. Berry

Can optimal contribution selection with pre-selection realise its full potential for long-term ΔG?
B. Ask, T. Ostersen, P. Beerg and M. Henryon

Identification of causal variants for milk protein composition using sequence data in dairy cattle
M.P. Sanchez, A. Govignon-Gion, P. Croiseau, A. Barbat, M. Gele, S. Fritz, G. Miranda, P. Martin, M. Boussaha, M. Brochard and D. Boichard


Expression levels of 14 genes found as RNA in cells extracted from milk
G.E. Pollott, S. Mirczuk, R.C. Fowkes, C. Lawson and Z. Thorp

Season affects expression and heritability of in-line recorded estrus traits in Danish Holstein
A. Ismael, E. Strandberg, B. Berglund and P. Lovendahl

pH24 of lamb drives fresh meat redness more than myoglobin or iron content
H.B. Calnan, R.H. Jacob, D.W. Pethick and G.E. Gardner

Genetic analysis of patellar luxation in dogs
K. Nilsson, S. Zanders and S. Malm

Genetic heterogeneity of residual variance in GIFT Nile tilapia
J. Marjanovic, H.A. Mulder, H.L. Khaw and P. Bijma

Population genomics and signatures of selection in resequenced honey bee drones
D. Wragg, B. Basso, J.P. Bidanel, Y. Leconte and A. Vignal


Posters Session 20

Litter size and survival rate at weaning in mice divergently selected for birth weight variability
N. Formoso-Rafferty, I. Cervantes, N. Ibanez-Escriche and J.P. Gutierrez

Birth and weaning weight in a divergently selected mice population for birth weight variability
N. Formoso-Rafferty, I. Cervantes, O. Lizarraga, M.A. Perez-Cabal, N. Ibanez-Escriche and J.P. Gutierrez

Influence of maternal genetic effect on the genetic evaluation of peripheral blood immunity in mice
K. Suzuki, K. Yoshimura, K. Miyauchi, D. Ito, Y. Miyazaki, E. Sakai, K. Yamamoto and M. Takemoto

Effect of divergent selection for intramuscular fat on lipid metabolism traits in rabbits
S. Agha, M. Martinez-Alvaro, V. Juste, A. Blasco and P. Hernandez

Genotype by feeding interaction and genetic parameters for growth rate and carcass traits in rabbits
M. Ragab, J.P. Sanchez, J. Ramon, O. Rafel and M. Piles

Genotype by feeding regimen interaction for common diseases in rabbits
M. Ragab, J.P. Sanchez, J. Ramon, O. Rafel and M. Piles

Using of genomic data to assess genetic differentiation in cervids
R. Kasarda, N. Moravčikova, A. Trakovicka, O. Kadlečik and R. Kirchner

Comparison of microarray-based detected runs of homozygosity with next-generation sequencing result
T. Szmatoła, A. Gurgul, T. Ząbek, I. Jasielczuk and M. Bugno-Poniewierska

Multibreed association studies at the sequence level: comparison between meta and joint analyses
M. Tessier, M.P. Sanchez, E. Venot, R. Letaief and P. Croiseau

Development of method for the isolation and sequencing of the mitochondrial genome
I. Jasielczuk, A. Gurgul, M. Bugno-Poniewierska, K. Pawlina, E. Semik and T. Szmatoła

Estimation of genetic parameters for reproductive traits in alpacas
A. Cruz, I. Cervantes, A. Burgos, R. Morante and J.P. Gutierrez

Inbreeding in Swiss dairy cattle populations
A. Burren, A. Kreis, J. Kneubuehler, E. Barras, A. Bigler, U. Schnyder, M. Rust, U. Witschi, H. Joerg and F. Schmitz-Hsu

Genetic analysis of hyperthelia in Brown Swiss cattle
A. Butty, J. Moll, S. Neuenschwander, C. Baes and F. Seefried

Gene flows and dog breeding practices in France, Sweden and UK
S. Wang, G. Leroy, S. Malm, S. Lewis, E. Strandberg and W. Fikse

Genetic markers with non-additive effects on milk and fertility in Holstein and Jersey cows
H. Aliloo, J.E. Pryce, O. Gonzalez-Recio, B.G. Cocks and B.J. Hayes

Genetic parameters for reproductive traits of Africanized drones Apis mellifera L. (Apidae)
F.M.C. Maia, E.N. Martins, E. Migliorini, T.E. Stivanin, M. Souza, M.C. Rodrigues, D.A.L. Lourenco, E.L.R. Silva, M. Potrich, F.T. Diniz, R.L. Fantin, L. Bonetti, N.V. Santina, G.D. Maia and F. Raulino

morphometric analysis of the two different honeybee (Apis mellifera L.) populations
F. Gurel