Session 20. Influence of nutrition on reproductive performance

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Effect of nutrition in early life on the development and performance of beef heifers
Casasús,J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez, J. Ferrer, A. Noya and A. Sanz

Integrative network analysis on the nutrigenomic control of reproductive development in cattle
Keogh andD.A. Kenny

Influence of trace minerals on metabolic processes related to reproduction in ruminants
T.E. Engle

Impact of early life nutrition on the molecular control of sexual development in the bull calf
D.A. Kenny, S. Coen and K. Keogh

Impacts of postweaning growth rate in beef heifers on reproductive development and productivity
K.M. Harvey

Nutritional programming of puberty in Bos indicus-influenced heifers
Cardoso,S. West, V. Garza and G. Williams

Impact of sire nutrition on fertility
P.L.P. Fontes


Influence of feed and seasons on semen qualities and their relationships with scrotal size in bucks
Y.E. Waba

Influence of feed on the reproductive parameters of does WAD and Sahel goats in Bali, Taraba State
Y.E. Waba