Session 20.Nutritional physiology

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Date: 29 August 2016; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: H. Sauerwein


Theatre Session 20

Elaboration of an experimental model of the oxidative stress in weaned piglets
invited E. Royer, F. Barbé, D. Guillou, Y. Rousselière and E. Chevaux

Mitochondrial abundance and respiratory chain activities in tissue of cattle divergent in RFI
C.E. McKenna, D. Kenny, R. Porter and S. Waters

Muscle and serum acylcarnitine profiles in dairy cows during the periparturient period
invited Y. Yang, J. Rehage, S. Dänicke, C. Prehn, J. Adamski, H. Sauerwein and H. Sadri

Health and metabolism as reflected by calves’ plasma redox state
A. Shabtay, A. Asher, V. Sibony, R. Agmon, S. Weyl-Feinstein and M. Cohen-Zinder

Effect of nutrient supply on mammary gland development and gene expression in pre-weaned calves
L.N. Leal, G.J. Hooiveld, M.A. Steele, M.V. Boekschoten, F. Soberon, M.E. Van Amburgh and J. Martín-Tereso

Parathyroid hormone response to long-term phosphorus supplementation in steers
D.M. McNeill, S.T. Anderson, L.J. Kidd, S.P. Quigley, A.T. Lisle and D.P. Poppi

Novel physiological responses in phosphorus deficient beef cows
S.T. Anderson, D.M. McNeill, L. Castells, J.G. Spiers, L.J. Kidd, K. Goodwin, M.T. Fletcher and R.M. Dixon

Hydroxy-selenomethionine: an efficient source of selenium in fattening pigs
S. Green, K. Coppens and P.A. Geraert

Added dietary cobalt and vitamin B12 in the periparturient period in dairy cows
D.V.W. Achchillage, A.H. Brassington, K.D. Sinclair and L.A. Sinclair

Relationship between mitochondria and compensatory growth in Holstein Friesian bulls
C.E. McKenna, K. Keogh, S. Waters, D. Kenny, R. Porter and A. Kelly

Tissue mRNA expression of branched-chain amino acid catabolism enzyme in early lactating dairy cows
H. Sadri, A.R. Alizadeh, J. Rehage, S. Dänicke and H. Sauerwein


Posters Session

OH-Selenomethionine: an efficient source of functional selenium in dairy cows
M. Briens, L. Bahloul, L. Saibi, P.A. Geraert and Y. Mercier

Endotoxin concentrations in the gut increase from the duodenum to the ileum in broiler chickens
C. Emsenhuber, N. Reisinger, E. Mayer and G. Schatzmayr

Immunogenic properties of Lactococcus and Lactobacillus probiotics in chicken HD11 cell line
A. Slawinska, A. Plowiec, A. Dunislawska, M. Siwek and H. Bluyssen

Effect of essential oils on NK cell activity in poultry
H. Al-Khalaifa

Duodenal morphometry and digestibility of broilers fed with dry whey alone or combined with butyrate
C. Pineda-Quiroga, R. Atxaerandio, R. Ruiz and A. García-Rodríguez

The effects of various dietary vegetable oil sources on villi morphology & liver aldehydes in layers
A. Hajibabaei, S.H. Golzar Adabi, N.H. Casey and A.G. Bayraktaroglu

Fate of a brominated flame retardant (HBCD) in chickens and pigs: a generic modelling approach
B. Méda, E. Royer, S. Guérin, A. García De Salazar, E. Dominguez-Romero, J. Henri, A. Travel, E. Baéza and C. Jondreville

Effect of feeding dietary AlgamuneTM AM on the performance of piglets
N.S. Muley, J.E. Zerrahn, J. Busch and A. Lemme

Effect of spay-dried porcine plasma in weaned piglets against an E. coli challenge
X. Guan, F. Molist, C. Van Vuure and P.J. Van Der Aar

Effect of zinc oxide sources and dosages on intestinal bacterial counts and gut integrity of piglets
J. Michiels, N. Van Noten, J. Degroote, A. Romeo and W. Wang

Vitamin E and selenium injections improved the reproductive performance of Awassi ewes
M.S. Awawdeh, A.H. Eljarah and M.M. Ababneh

Reducing rumen fermentation of wheat with NaOH can ameliorate heat stress in grain-fed sheep
P.A. Gonzalez-Rivas, P.A. Giraldo, K. Digiacomo, B.J. Leury, J.J. Cottrell and F.R. Dunshea

Comparing the efficiency of intravaginal progesterone dispenser to CIDR for Awassi sheep
R. El Balaa, E. Mousaoumai, P. Aad, K. Houchaimi and S. Abi Saab

Can metabolomics help to predict amino acid fluxes across animal tissues?
G. Cantalapiedra-Hijar, A. De La Foye, D. Durand, D. Gruffat, E. Pujos-Guillot, C. Chantelauze, S. Makhlouk and I. Ortigues-Marty

Effect of Marjoram and Chamomile extracts on ram semen characteristics after freeze-thawing process
H. Karimi, H. Daghigh Kia, F. Sadeghi Sadegh Abad and H. Vaseghi

Effect of eCG on amino acids concentrations in follicular fluid of repeat breeder cows
M.M. Ababneh and S. Manasrah

Effect of forage type fed with or without molybdenum and sulfur inclusion on copper status of lambs
A. Hussein

Effect of artificial rearing on fatty acid metabolism and adipogenesis in lambs
G. Theodorou, E. Tsiplakou, G. Papadomichelakis, D. Sparaggis, I. Politis, V. Christodoulou and G. Zervas