Session 20. Organic and low input dairy farming systems

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Date: 28 August 2012; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: Scollan

Theatre Session

Challenges and opportunities for low input dairy systems
French, P. and Shalloo, L.

Role of rumen digestion in low input milk production systems
Shingfield, K.J. and Huhtanen, P.

Challenges and opportunities for animal welfare in organic and low input dairy farming
Winckler, C., Tremetsberger, L. and Leeb, C.

Analyses of different brown cattle breeds and their crosses in Switzerland
Spengler Neff, A., Mahrer, D.D., Moll, J., Burren, A. and Flury, C.

Organic farming: an opportunity for dairy farmers in mountain ?
Dockès, A.-C., Fourdin, S., Delanoue, E. and Neumeister, D.

Effect of farming system on productivity, efficiency and sustainability in dairy farming
Guerci, M., Schönbach, P., Kristensen, T. and Trydeman Knudsen, M.

Nitrogen use efficiency in grassland based farming systems in Europe and EECCA region
Van Der Hoek, K.W.

Effect of non-fertilized winter grazing dairy production on soil N balances and soil N dynamics
Necpalova, M., Phelan, P., Casey, I. and Humphreys, J.

Grazing behavior and metabolic profile of 2 Holstein strains in an organic full-time grazing system
Thanner, S., Schori, F., Bruckmaier, R. and Dohme-Meier, F.


Poster Session 

Development trends of organic livestock farming in Lithuania
Svitojus, A., Skulskis, V., Paulaitiene, J. and Juozaitiene, V.