Session 20. Sustainable cows, herd practices and product quality – part 1

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Date: 26 August 2014; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: G. Thaller

Theatre Session 20

14.00 Recent advances in exogenous enzyme application for monogastric nutrition
Invited A. De Vries

14.30 Optimization of production efficiency and environmental impact within the Austrian cattle production
B. Fuerst-Waltl, F. Steininger, L. Gruber, K. Zottl, W. Zollitsch, C. Fuerst and C. Egger-Danner

14.45 The robustness of the dairy cow herd seen through the diversity of cows adaptive responses
E. Ollion, S. Ingrand, S. Colette-Leurent, J.M. Trommenschlager and F. Blanc

15.00 Genetic variation and consistency among feed efficiency traits in Holstein and Jersey cows
S. Van Vliet, J. Lassen and P. Løvendahl

15.15 Meeting challenges for organic dairy production in North Carolina
S.P. Washburn and K.A.E. Mullen

15.30 Nutritional trajectory allows to increase the efficiency of beef cows whatever their body condition
A. Delatorre, F. Blanc, P. D’Hour and J. Agabriel


16.15 Health traits and their role for sustainability improvement of dairy production
Invited K.F. Stock, J. Wiebelitz and F. Reinhardt

16.45 Impact of growth and age at first calving on production and reproduction traits of Holstein cattle
L. Krpalkova, V.E. Cabrera, M. Stipkova, L. Stadnik and P. Crump

17.00 Use of milk somatic cell count from the colostral phase as an early indicator for health
R. Schafberg, K.F. Stock and H.H. Swalve

17.15 Genetic evaluation of peripartal problems in Bavarian Fleckvieh and Brown Swiss
A.H. Haberland, D. Krogmeier, E. Zeiler, E.C.G. Pimentel and K.-U. Goetz

17.30 Estimates of genetic parameters for milk production in Tunisian Holstein cows
A. Hamrouni, M. Djemali and S. Bedhiaf

17.45 Temperature and humidity influence milk yield and quality in Scottish dairy cows
D.L. Hill and E. Wall


Poster Session  20

Effect of rearing period of heifers and herd level of milk yield on performance and profitability
L. Krpalkova, V.E. Cabrera, J. Kvapilik, J. Burdych and P. Crump

Replacement of soybean meal and straw against alfalfa hay in TMR of high yielding dairy cows
H. Scholz and T. Engelhard

Quantitative behavior in dairy cows under the conditions of automatically and conventionally milking
H. Scholz, B. Füllner and A. Harzke

Comparison of high-yielding dairy cows fed concentrates vs those fed no concentrates over ten years
P. Kunz, M. Buergisser, A. Liesegang and M. Furger

Performance in primiparous cows from two breeds submitted to different rearing strategies
A. Sanz, J.A. Rodríguez-Sánchez and I. Casasús

Energy-protein supplement affects somatic cell count in cows milk in different stages of lactation
A.M. Brzozowska, J. Oprzadek and P. Micek

Effects of pre partum supplementation on milk yield of crossbred dairy cows in Tanzania
J. Madsen, K.A. Gillah and G.C. Kifaro

Influence of inbreeding on semen parameters in Swiss dairy bulls
A. Kreis, J. Kneubühler, E. Barras, A. Bigler, M. Rust, U. Witschi, H. Jörg, F. Schmitz-Hsu and A. Burren

Relationships between muscle and fat thickness and muscle development in Pinzgau heifers
P. Polák and J. Tomka

Influence of dietary composition on the carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen ratios of Grana Padano cheese
L. Migliorati, L. Boselli, M. Capelletti, G. Pirlo and F. Camin

The association between BoLA – DRB3.2 alleles and somatic cell contains in Polish Holstein cows
J.M. Oprzadek, A. Brzozowska, A. Pawlik, G. Sender and M. Łukaszewicz

The effect of a second grazing period on carcass traits of indigenous Cika and Simmental young bulls
M. Simčič, M. Čepon and S. Žgur

Using pro- or synbiotic in colostrum and milk on immunoblobulins’ uptake, growth and health of calf
F. Moslemipoor and F. Moslemipur

Pathogens of the milks produced by industerial or traditional dairy farms of Daland (North of Iran)
F. Vakili Saleh and F. Moslemipur

Genome-wide association of milk fatty acids in Chinese and Danish Holstein populations
X. Li, A.J. Buitenhuis, C. Li, D. Sun, Q. Zhang, M.S. Lund and G. Su

Effect of extended lactation on chemical composition and sensory quality of milk
G.M. Maciel, U. Kidmose, L.B. Larsen and N.A. Poulsen

Effects of body condition score at calving on metabolic state of beef cows grazing native pasture
P. Soca, M. Carriquiry, M. Claramunt, G. Ruprechter and A. Meikle

Growth performance of feedlot-finished beef cattle of different genetic groups
L.D.C. Vieira, A. Berndt, H. Borba, R.R. Tullio, R.T. Nassu, F.B. Ferrari, P. Meo Filho and M.M. Alencar

Effect of herd composition on sustainable beef production systems in commual systems in Namibia
I.B. Groenewald, P. Shikomba and G.N. Hangara

Performance, carcass and meat quality of forage-fed steers as an alternative to concentrate-based be
M. Blanco, M. Joy, P. Albertí, G. Ripoll, B. Panea and I. Casasús

Change in milk fatty acid profile of dairy cows fed with hydrolysed sugarcane and sunflower product
A.C.N. Alves, F.F. Simili, M.L.P. Lima, L.C. Roma Junior, J.M.B. Ezequiel and C.C.P. Paz

Comparative study of the productive traits of Simmental cattle of different origin
V.I. Seltsov and A.A. Sermyagin

Feedlot performance of the Drakensberger in comparison with other cattle breeds: a meta-analysis
L.J. Erasmus, M. Niemand and W.A. Van Niekerk

Quality of musculus longissimus lumborum et thoracis from slaughter cows in Slovakia
M. Gondeková, I. Bahelka, P. Polák and D. Peškovičová