Session 20A. Welfare and mortality aspects of sheep and goat production

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Date: 27 August 2013; 08:30 – 10:30 hours
Chairperson: Conington

Theatre Session 20a

08.30 The role of stockperson beliefs and behaviour in the welfare of extensively managed sheep
C.M. Dwyer, M. Jack and K.M. McIlvaney

08.45 Identifying stress in lambs: an investigation of behavioural measures related to saliva cortisol
C.L. Dodd, J.E. Hocking Edwards, S.J. Hazel and W.S. Pitchford

09.00 Lamb mortality in France: frequency of exposure to risk factors
J.M. Gautier and F. Corbiere

09.15 The effect of ewe prolificacy level on number of lambs born, lamb birth weight and lamb mortality
P. Creighton, F. Kelly and N. McHugh

09.30 Behavioural studies on Icelandic leadersheep
Ó.R. Dýrmundsson, E. Eythórsdóttir and J.V. Jónmundsson

09.45 Genetic effects on lamb survival traits
D. Francois, C. Raharivahoaka, F. Tortereau, J.P. Poivey and L. Tiphine

10.00 Assessment protocol for measuring and monitoring sheep welfare in long distance transportation
E.N. Sossidou, S. Messori, B. Mounaix, W. Ouweltjes, C. Pedernera, , V. Vousdouka and H. Spoolder

10.15 Factors associated with Awassi lambs mortality in two production systems in Jordan
A. Abdelqader


Poster Session 20a

Effects of partial suckling technique on growth and behaviour of Sarda replacement ewe lambs
S.P.G. Rassu, C. Carzedda, G. Battacone, A. Mazza, I. Dimitrov and G. Pulina

Identity profiles related to behavioural, morphologic, physiological and cognitive features in goats
M. Pascual-Alonso, G.A. Maria, W.S. Sepúlveda, L. Aguayo-Ulloa, M. Villarroel and G.C. Miranda-De La Lama

Effect of stocking density on blood parameters and meat quality of commercial lambs during transport
B. Teke, B. Ekiz, F. Akdag, M. Ugurlu and G. Ciftci

Breeding value estimation for fertility in Swiss sheep breeds
A. Burren, C. Hagger, C. Aeschlimann, G. Schmutz and H. Jörg