Session 21.Aquafeed and aquabreed

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Date: 29 August 2016; 14:00 – 18:00 hours
Chairperson: E. Auclair


Theatre Session 21

Historical developments and current issues in fish nutrition
invited J.W. Schrama and S.J. Kaushik

No fish meal and fish oil in aquafeed: a challenge for the sustainable development of aquaculture
invited S. Skiba-Cassy, V. Lazzarotto, G. Corraze and F. Médale

Evaluation of dietary wheat gluten and scFOS on gut health and growth performance of rainbow trout
S. Voller, A. Rodiles, M. Rawling, S. Davies, E. Apper and D. Merrifield

Feeding ragworm (N. virens) or mussel (M. edulis) to sole (S. solea) alleviates nutritional anaemia
invited J. Kals

Effect of iron source on the alleviation of nutritional anaemia in common sole (Solea solea)
J. Kals, R.J.W. Blonk, H.W. Van Der Mheen, J.W. Schrama and J.A.J. Verreth

The effects of dietary inulin on growth performance and health status of juvenile Nile tilapia
N. Tiengtam, S. Khempaka, P. Paengkoum and S. Boonanuntanasarn

Random regression analysis of feed efficiency in families of Turbot (Scophthalmus maximus)
W.M. Rauw, A. Kause, S. Cabaleiro, R. Caamaño, L.A. Garcia-Cortes and L. Gomez-Raya

Genetic evaluation with uncertain parentage in aquaculture
R. De Paz, B. Villanueva, M. Herlin, A. Millán, P. Martínez, M.A. Toro and J. Fernández

Quantitative genetics of susceptibility of Atlantic salmon to the salmon louse
B. Gjerde


Posters Session

Effects of feeding polyphenols extracted from grapes on flesh quality in farmed sea bass
F. Giannico, M.A. Colonna, P. Rotondi, A.M. Facciolongo, F. Toteda and A. Caputi Jambrenghi

The replacement of fish meal with rice wine residual on growth performance in diets of Thai Panga
K. Taveewannaboon and S. Ponchunchoovong

Genetic variation in microenvironmental plasticity of body weight in Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
S. Agha, A. Doeschl-Wilson, W. Mekkawy, C.E. Lind, J. Benzie and N. Ibanez-Escriche

Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae expressing delta 6 desaturase of Nile tilapia
S. Boonanuntanasarn